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The talk of Las Vegas. The opinions of the host on Katie w when are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of this station, its management, or Beasley Media Group. Welcome to the box in the firm with the hall of fame. Boxing, referee, Joe Cortez and co host Johnson for all. Come on guys. Let's not fight. I'm Joe Cortez. Fair but firm. Good morning. I woke up to the favor firm show here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Boxing, capital of the world is there along with my co-host John Zimmer Nilo ZIM. Oh, yes. My friend, my friend here. Listen this weekend. Yes, sir. Tonight. Well, actually last night Mazuz Greg on. Oh, yeah. In. Yes, sir. Yes. I stopped. That's a good place to start as any higher than ours. Who most of us remember for most recently being the first man and knock down Janko giving him his toughest test to date. He does reenters. The ring were expecting a big show out of him. And against he was a thirty two one favourite, and he got dropped three times and then stopped after after he got up for the third time in the first round by Julio Cesar casino. I think is his name. Con con Okinawa Gano, and let me tell you one thing he embody holy. Is about what thirty seven thirty eight years older. Yes, sir. And in boxing. I've always said it, you listen is out there, and you've yours and boxing. You get all night. He fought a great fight against let me Janko. He ended up. You know, I've been. Left in a body, and he ended up getting stopped by lobby checkup. But you remember correctly that was the fair, but firm knock out of the year. It was unexpected that way hall in nervosa who stand up WBZ lightweight champion. Yeah. But anyway, he's his renowned far as I'm concerned when it comes to boxing. I think so too. I think his is done, but now tonight here in Las Vegas some happening tonight. What? A lot of friends and say, what towards a UFC fighter. I don't know about all that end end of pack yell. Adrian Brunel fight. Adrian is four-time division champion four time champion just fighting against Mattie pack. Yeah. Forty years of age eighteen division champion wanted Abaza definitely hall of Famer and I had the honor of interviewing both fighters yesterday for years, PM and Mandy. I look, and I have close up, you know, I can see that the user creeping up on him. He looks good forty years of age in his face, and my when a referee's I channel five he was eighteen Pounder back here in Las Vegas. Nobody knew Mattie pack, y'all Byron promoter Don night into recess job. What do you think about this kid after he no he won by not gung has got a future? He looks very promising. Well, anyway, yesterday, I simple questions about his forty years of age. And of course, you know, he's definitely a hall of Famer. And I'll tell us a, you know, when you get inducted that hall of fame, I expect to see about ten thousand fans up there to to see you there because I've got kind of a a following, especially from the Philippines Filipinos. But manny's told me I told him what do you think that if you would tomorrow night against Adrian Brunner was going to happen is we're going to see a rematch with ROY Mayweather. Yeah. Worse to be worse. Well, I want to focus more on tomorrow night's fight. They usually say what they say. But we all know that PB's Adrian Brodie tonight. If you lose good my prediction that he's gonna stop Adrian Brunner. Okay. Burma's never stops big deal. Right. You know, I may be wrong. I've been wrong in the past. And I baby. But he may end up stopping Brown. If he does was going to happen is you're going to see Mayweather knock it out the door tonight before midnight Mayweather will be the let me in. Yeah. I'm knocking out want that fight. I think Becky backyard definitely wants to fight. So you think effect? Yeah, wins the we'll see Mayweather Pacquiao by the end of the year. I believe so I say. Enough by either probably by rabies attempt to because I think Cannella got the day wrapped up may. And he's going to have another September. Dave, but he's got himself lined up. Where Danny Jacobs, Danny Jacobs may fourth that was being announcement over. Wow, I'm as excited as you as anybody about that. I've been very vocal critic about the opponents that he's chosen over the last, you know, since he signed that zone deal, which has only been one fight. But that was a really really bad opponent. And I was worried rocky Jalen. Yes, sir. I was worried that we'd get more opponents of that caliber because you know, he's guaranteed thirty-three million a fight. Why take risks this proved me wrong, and I have to swallow my tongue. I mean, what can you say? This is exactly the kind of opponent. I want to seek another fight. And I I'm right back on board. I cannot wait to see him fight this fight on may fourth. Okay. Well, you know what? It'd be pulled a tongue out again. Okay. Are you swallow because we got more divided it? Okay. Swallowing. All right..

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