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My god how about money line I don't even see that came up on the as far as the line use but I know the idea of some of the offshore books you know five dimes some of these places they have money lines on everything and have somebody tries out throw see note on Stephen F. Austin who knows what that paid off if I can find out a little bit later fifty fifty five West Virginia with one second left has the lead over northern Iowa another minus six this game in Cancun that's the second of two the earlier game there saw which a day in Wichita state which I had coach Marshall's team today are they pounded Frank Martins teams out Carolina beaten seventy to forty seven minus one and a half one of the four twenty one the right way their games stays well under the total which also went down from one thirty six to one twenty nine and a half seventy to forty seven the final Wichita state rolls over South Carolina moving on down Butler and Stanford a good one going here in Kansas city this is the finality both teams winning last night Stanford jumped all over Oklahoma seventeen nothing out of the gate the end of winning the game by thirteen and Butler County Missouri at the sprint center so Mizzou in Oklahoma met earlier today in the losers bracket game and Oklahoma rolled seventy seven sixty six over Mizzou and Stanford right now leads this is of course forty nine forty eight with eight thirty nine to go in the second half so Stanford up one good Stanford because they have not lost yet this year I believe six or seven common coming into the evening so carton claim to pretty good ball I'll keep an eye on this one as I roll on through them to see if I could get an update a Kansas now leave you are you twenty nine twenty seven at the half a game is gone to the half and it is sixty four sixty two bottler with forty one seconds left in the second half here in Kansas city so were Y. got actually just put that came on right here so I flipped it over have it right here we'll keep an eye on that one and see if any of the other colleges games are going might be some on the regular board yeah there's North Dakota state leading in Moscow Idaho over the vandals at the Kibbie dome in accord called games there before that when I was calling one BT Basco sixty one to fifty North Dakota state lead by eleven three forty seven to go in the second half cal had an eighteen point lead early on UC Davis Jim last coaching was his Aggies a fall back it is now fifty to forty nine cal leaves UC Davis just by three eight ten to go now they tied it so Davis you said a three tied at fifty two P. seven forty seven to go hospital you call games there as well Pacific another place a call games at the Spanos center and they are just crushing S. I. U. Edwardsville seventy two to forty four with three forty one to go in the second half there in Stockton California those are the games that are rolling here are a couple filed I'll get you some of the finest and all take a break and come back into the rest of finals and we'll go over some of the lines for some of the games coming up over the next few days as far as football and basketball trying to to some the overnight as well and also hockey as well because there's a full slate of hockey tomorrow NBA basketball peacefully tomorrow as well Calar run UC Irvine the cruise no problem at home pummeling UL Lafayette ninety two to sixty seven weighing six and a half it was such a bad down from seven and a half total is one forty three so the game sells over ninety two sixty seven money any years get it done how about western Illinois they go in and take out ball state on the road they were fifteen point underdogs they win it by seven total was one forty five never got close it one thirty one sixty nine sixty two the leather necks of western Illinois get the W. out of the summit Arizona state Bobby Hurley Steve they got a win I believe against UConn the other day on I'm trying to remember who that was needed was a you this are pretty can team up there and they played at the Mohegan sun and then again maybe was UMass they give the got a win Arizona state tonight they had to go play prince and princess been struggling mightily but the game was at Jadwin gym there in Jersey so I thought it could be close didn't touch your Hurley being a Jersey boy but he knew Kristin actually let the game at halftime and throughout the second half but there's on state comes back get to two point wins was sometimes you got to have that just win baby mentality Sparky gets it done sixty seven sixty five totals one thirty nine and a half didn't get there AS finishes a one thirty to East Tennessee state pretty good Buccaneers team but not as good as I thought they were didn't lay the points because I thought maybe too many and it ended up being too many they were favored by thirteen against Appalachian state went down to eleven but the money went the wrong way are it actually went the right way as the the money came in on the mound years of apps state East Tennessee state does get the win but only by nine seventy eight sixty nine games sales over the total one thirty two but down to one thirty east Tennessee state seventy eight Appalachian state sixty nine Fuhrman no problem with the line is a good Furman paladins team again the line's still looking for some identity well they found it another season of mediocrity at best ninety seven sixty one Fuhrman leads it aims selling over the total one thirty one and a half which is bad down but the wrong way from one thirty four firmly fifteen and have easy cover when you buy thirty six big ones fifty six fifty one same bodies gets the win at home against Mercer bears are always tough they hang inside that number seven and a half which was bent down to six fifty six fifty one same bodies wins it by five total never a chance went from one thirty seven and a half to one forty one and a half of the money went the wrong way game it's just one oh seven meanwhile more had to be willing to merry took the tribal in this when I watch them play Oklahoma in Norman that she had to leave their late and Oklahoma ended up coming back and winning a close game so I took a shot of William and Mary they went out to Stamford after the Oklahoma game they got buried by Stanford pretty good in the second half they were tired from the trip where they went directly from Norman out to Palo alto sources I I saw in the they have some shooters over there William America so they went back only to call Moorhead state my buddy Marjorie's his favorite team of course and I just said you know what they're going to shoot the ball well they're back home when you get a team that has three or four good solid three point shooters and they're at home they know the rams in other lighting they know their baskets they knocked them down big time with regularity I'll find out how many threes they had ninety five eighty four William and Mary rolls by eleven laying six at home game cruising over the total hitting one seventy nine total was one thirty nine central Michigan forty no Parker Crooklyn Paula is on the wrong end of the soccer this hurt he had sent from Michigan plus twelve they were up by thirteen and a half they lose by thirty I mean it's a twenty six point swing there that's terrible and you could give twenty five can you be alright total one fifty five game goes over finishing a one sixty three DePaul remains unblemished I believe the blue demons now eight now from not mistaken eighty eight seventy five the final there late of doing a good job second tenure there for DePaul good to see the team play good ball maybe to keep some of the Chicago kids home I know that was his goal conditions no problem with Illinois Chicago tough year for the flames already have a couple players out ninety four sixty four golden gryphons get it done on the road by thirty game cruises over the total one thirty four and a half eastern Washington now Chuck in his guys were on Belmont and I watch Belmont play their game I watch that reply back against St Louis so I stayed away from that game I said man eastern Washington they're tough at home you go up to Cheney Washington is going to be a tough place to play eighty seven eighty two eastern Washington gets the outright when they were six and a half point underdogs told one fifty four game it's one sixty nine another over there and that a look at the regular board that Davis UC Davis cal game still tied to fifty four with five forty five to go but the big upset of the night Stephen F. Austin knocks off duty in overtime seventy five seventy three take a break are made in eighty five eighty three going to take a break and come back again to the rest of scores from college basketball and then we will look at some of these overnight lines as far as football and basketball and hockey for tomorrow exporters review the new one one five FM seven twenty and Steve's running the show my buddy rob Richie and some guests coming by our number two here at the Ghazi stadium make this a bucket list item.

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