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Brown Yankee Stadium in the Bronx Opening Tomorrow is a mega vaccination site. Mayor de Blasio this site this historic site this amazing sight. Will be for the people of the Bronx. It's an agreement between the city the state so most community care, The New York National Guard and the New York Yankees have banded together to open the site at Yankee Stadium that will be open tomorrow. I'm Deborah Valentine for 77 W. A. B C. NU, a mother and her two year old daughter in the hospital after being rescued from the frozen Passaic River in Elmwood Park, Elmwood Park police chief Michael Foligno. Said. He went out on a kayak and pull them into the boat. Just keep my body heat on the baby toe warmer up. Then I started to see some eye movement and some blinking and then eventually got to cry out of her, which mom was upset about. But that was a good sound from a local firefighter walked out onto the river. Breaking the ice is he went and pulled the police chief woman and child to dry land. The mother and daughter were then rushed to the emergency room. Chief Foligno says, never attempt to walk on ice, even if it appears that could hold your body weight in Nassau County official going on the state to set up a mask over night. Team vaccination site at the National Coliseum. The request coming after Governor Cuomo's SAT on Long Island's positivity rate getting higher. The presiding officer of the county legislature Richard Niccolo, says it will allow more residents to get vaccinated and help lower the infection rate. Rangers at home tonight against the Capitals. Islanders DEVILS both postpone tonight college basketball. Rutgers hosting Minnesota WBC news time 505 Traffic in transit on the way now, your forecast in the Ramsey Miles the weather center tonight Cloudy skies low 34 Friday morning rain mixed with sleet, especially north and west in the high of 41 38 in clear in Central Park. It's 36 in Cranford from the 77 WBC news desk on Bob Brown. Del anyway, ABC traffic in transit, There's an accident on the South bound Hillary. It's in Parkway writer Exit 18 before you hit the bridge Traffic is very heavy, South bound lanes. We've got delays down. Developing south ban on the digging into the marshal. Ooh Parkway with an accident and the Deegan just heavy in both directions improve across Bronx, Also the hutch now Is backed up in both directions in through the drawbridge bumper to bumper traffic on the West Side Highway from 57. ST. Op to the G W B Harlem River Drive, Jan. From the one forties. I've found Lincoln with a 20 minute delay. 25 30 Outbound at the Holland Tunnel..

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