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But now without any further ado, let's jump right onto the stage the Los Angeles film school right after I introduced writer, director off Bernstein along with actors, Jason ISAACs, and India is lead to chat about their latest film. Look. Away. So India, I guess you could answer questions for both Maria Amorim because like on nice. All right, we got. We got only one of you here, so we'll try well. So look, you know, because we're sitting here at the film school. I always like to start with like how you were formally educated. If you were like also starting with you and coming down the line. Did you go to film school? Yes. Where'd you go? NYU. Okay. Was it good experience? What would it be something I think while you fan every phone schools kind of the same experience, I two years are awesome, and then it goes downhill, progressively, how? How did it? How did it go downhill? You just think you know everything you needed to learn and then he's just wanna fuck off. So I think that's kind of the universal film school experience. I think that is the universal film school experience, Jason. Were you formally trained. Yeah, I went storm school, but I went into law degree before that I law degree. Did you did you graduate? But within the first couple of weeks, I auditioned drunk by accident for play, and I found I love being in a rehearsal room, so I did thirty forty fifty plays or something before I went to drama school, but all those years of school, I was undergraduate law degree. And if you ask the people who were on my coast, they went recognize my face because I was doing plays mostly. That makes sense. That makes sense. And yet were you, were you formally trained anywhere now learning on the job. Actress and I kind of grew up onset, says pretentious is that sounds an I just always enjoyed just the entire the environment of being on the set really. So when would you say you started acting? I started like actually going out things when I was eleven. So fourteen years ago when you were Levin, essentially, the first quarter I could find was English girl in Mother, Theresa. Without something that was very seriously and I got cut out and those were paid for it, and I got my Saad called and that's fantastic. But really people came to know you've through the secret life of the American teenager and what was that experience like? Because awful lately. Lately on good police be on it was a five year trudge in. I know it went on for. I mean, I think the the other actors on the show, it'd be very vocal with how difficult it was. Tell me from your perspective as a performer, that's a bit boring. Isn't it? Not at all Choi. Interesting. All right then, I mean, actually it was a job that I did not want and I o dish ind for it trying not to get it because the character was described as a very Levin obsessed valley go. So I went to know I'm going to read to try and deadpan as possible, and I'm going to go in like a golf and they're not gonna want me and it's going to be over and I'm not going to have to deal here about this job anymore. And so I went and I was like, twelve or thirteen when Shing and I came out and I was like, that's not going to happen. And then my agent called me like literally right off right had this thought, and he said, you're going to networks now. Seven. Apparently the creates is just like clung to the idea of me, and it was five years. They didn't want knows five years. It's it's too bad lawyer ISAACs couldn't help you get out of your. Yeah, that would so bad. Without going into detail. Let's go into too much detail. I mean, let me ask some neutral questions was, was there a toxic workplace environment? Well, I mean it wasn't abusive, no, but but it could still be toxic without being abusive. But yeah, I mean, the actus want really happy because we won't really appreciate it. And that's a problem that was one. I'm not going to say who said it, and I don't even need. A name gives a shit, but. You know, she was one person who she actually came onto the sets as an example for rehearsal one day, and we were all one actress kind of stumbled on line because it was like five in the morning and we will.

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