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And I'm thinking, oh, he's not listen. He's he's not he didn't even suit up for the game. Then early in the game. They card off David long. Who is their best quarterback will now you got big problems early in the third quarter. They card off Devon Bush who is their best Blitzer by far and probably their best defense. Reggie bush. Head. Reggie look look at what you've lost from the defense. So my problem with Don Brown is you have to try to blitz. And if you can't if winner vich is going nowhere fast and Gary's just sitting in stance. The whole game somebody has to fly in sin the corner since somebody they didn't blitz to my I one time and you are going to get annihilated. And they did. So I had only one problem with Jim Harbaugh, by the way, he doesn't coach the defense at all. He let's let's Don Brown. Do it today. Much leave. Okay. If you told me going into the game that shape Patterson wouldn't be able to play the fourth quarter and Michigan would go for four hundred yards and thirty nine points. I'd say thank you. God. I got this. Are you kidding me? They scored thirty nine points and they Maryland put a fifty four K six on the your enough. That's enough to win this game. With that defend. If you ask you Bela's if you score fifty four to six yards win win four hundred yards. Thirty nine points goes I had one problem with Jim Harbaugh when they tied the score late in the first half at should have been tidied should ride with two they went for two tie. And it was going to be twenty one to twenty. I have why would you do that? Because you're gonna kill your momentum. If you miss because it felt so good it felt like, oh, they're right in this game right at that point. You were sweating bullets wherever you are. Watching. This told you earn I had had to go to the grocery store with the tars. Okay. Yeah. Wouldn't RJ got a big old boss tied wash my khaki her gift? Her what guess what khaki pants won't be for trolling the sidelines in the car in the Alabama invitation of both alone is bubbly. So I thought shape Patterson in three quarters. He played played really. Well, that's about that's about who. He is. He's that I told you is not a pro quarterback. But he's the best quarterback Jim Harbaugh ever had in in his time at Michigan. Okay. So so again, thirty nine points that work and again, he didn't even play the fourth quarter. But if you're not gonna blitz and you're going to sit back and let little David Alavi just run wild on you. He's he's a true freshman who had caught five balls the whole year to urban credit. He unleashed David Alavi in this game. And he's running those crossing routes and he gets he can just flag it along do chasing by rerun. You see? What's happening rewrote, tracing that truck he was like, I get it. That's a shame to give you the four of eight number four team in the country. Do give up sixty two when you talk about you the number one team in yards allow. Puffy? What about the reviews to the last day got cancelled in? Chase winner vich is hurt and tried to play in couldn't and shut down Bush, David long, Gaza, shoot shake gone. If you tell me all five of those aren't gonna show if you tell me they're gonna get zero sacks zero pressures. It's going to be a route coach Sabin doesn't make those excuses. I mean, the only problem I had with Harbaugh's at halftime uncle into my coordinators much as he respects him..

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