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Twenty twenty scored 5 o'clock i'm harris alum this report is sponsored by discover card the yankees six game winning streak ended with a fivethree lost of the raised jordan montgomerie allowed four runs into went twothirds innings followed two seven and six tampa bay went ahead for good with a threerun third two of those runs on a corey dickerson single six raise pictures limited the yanks to just four hits the bombers left ten on base went just one for eleven with men in scoring position they still have a half game lead on the second place red sock catch austin role mine had to leave the game after getting hit in the hand by a pitch x rays wore negative got pretty swollen pretty quick so it was a little nervous will tingling but this has not broken so since bruce and he's daytoday the yankees added starting pitcher getting lefty high may garcia from the twins for pitching prospect zacklin tell of dietrich ends the yankees host the tigers for three beginning with a good match up tonight severino versus more on the fan at six twenty five the mets lost a rubber game to the mariners nine oneself lugo served up a long delcined crews threerun homer in the first inning lianis martine took him deepen the second lugo didn't necessarily feel owes offerings were bad pitches no i don't think so um all his time uh was pretty good pitcher through or wanted to it's just wrong signal norms a natural mistake but uh i feel like that's us get up through or wanted to adjust to my hat term me went five innings but dropped to five and three james paxton won his eleventh sixth win in july as he tossed six scoreless innings he drill jose reyes that the left arm with a fastball forcing him out of the game x rays again negative mets off today they'll call and the rockies on tuesday first of three checking the scoreboard american league royals five red sox three kc getting melki cabrera from the white sox blue jays walked off on the angels eleven to ted with seven runs in the bottom of the night the rangers lost the orioles tend to six but adrian belle trey had a fourthinning double his three thousand th career hit he's the 31st of major league history to reach that plateau white sox dot the.

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