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Going for flood victims in the midwest awaiting for disaster relief visiting the Iowa Nebraska border. Vice President Mike Pence blames the hold up on congressional Democrats have come together and approved a disaster assistance Bill for Iowa and Brassica and do it. Now, several democratic senators had blocked multibillion dollar relief package arguing they're still not nearly enough money for Puerto Rico a year and half after hurricane. Maria. This is NPR news. Good afternoon. It's one oh four. I'm Eric Roy with California headline from case w the Los Angeles city council has voted to name the intersection of floss avenue and Crenshaw boulevard. Earnest's nipsy hustle asking him square. Anton Smith, urged the council the vote. Yes. But also to do more for south LA since two thousand two hundred and forty people have been murdered in Hyde Park. Nipsy staff is the most recent of those murders within that intersection. I know of personally three murders that have happened. At that intersection. I'm sure there are many more Smith is a landscape designer working on the destination Crenshaw, outdoor art and culture project. That hustle was helping to build gun owners groups estimate that more than one million high capacity ammunition magazines were quickly shipped to California after a San Diego. Federal judge struck down the state's ban on magazines that hold ten rounds or more case was Caitlyn Plummer reports sales were only allowed for one week before the federal judge issued a stay. But gun buyers didn't wait to stock up. A lot of the business went to online retailers in states where magazines were already legal the demand was so high that one sellers website crashed under the crush of orders. But some gun reform groups are warning. They haven't seen evidence to back up the one million number. They say it's in the interests of gun rights organizations to inflate the number of legal magazines now in the state, it would support the argument that the magazines are so common now that there's no point in banning them. The state was granted a stay until its appeal can be heard. But in the meantime, the people who bought the magazines legally while the ban was lifted can continue to own them gun store owners, say military style, rifle magazines that hold thirty rounds were selling for under thirty dollars. Support for NPR comes from creative.

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