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Mean listen I WanNa talk about my writing because that's on the list devonport here in Toronto it was liberal stronghold since nineteen sixty two and then Jack Layton managed to turn it orange in two thousand eleven the Liberals took it back in two thousand fifteen the question is can they hold onto these writings that have all these progressive voters that now might have some doubts about Trudeau so the bats that's a that's a writing that I'm watching clothes not just because I live but it's an indication of whether Rudo sort of sunny ways of stuck or not yeah and that's actually where Jagmeet Singh was on Wednesday so he obviously sees that there's a possibility to win that writing back to and is the same for all of those writings in it around the GTA that like belt around Toronto that is really dense in terms of population and really beneficial in terms of winning seats you need to clinch all of them or most of them if you want government so those are some of the writings where things flip around they move around a lot but there's also writings where things are incredibly close so the two closest ridings where literally your one vote would have made the difference is Edmonton Millwood's Alberta and that's the writing of energy so he One of the Cabinet Liberal cabinet minister he won in two thousand fifteen by nine who votes and he to wile okay another one elmwood trans- Kona in Winnipeg my my hometown Daniel Blakey from the MVP one by sixty one votes Oh my God they're getting closer so imagine bob so and so didn't come out right for Daniel Blakey You know that would have made a difference in him in Him Iki note that win now we're having these conversations over Thanksgiving weekend you're often sitting down with at the table with people who are not especially diehard partisans like how would you begin the conversation with them so if they were a die-hard partisan I I wouldn't bother trying to convince them I'm not sure you're going to get that done over Turkey right like me be if there was a considerable amount of wine you might get it done right but I don't think that you should spend your Thanksgiving dinner trying to convince someone to come to your side what I do think would be useful bill would be to start discussing some issues that matter to you so climate change affordability all the things we've already talked about on the podcast and try and get it sense of where the parties stand on that but I also don't think it's GonNa make sense to judge people based on what they say about those I'm an active judger people's either I see your point you're trying to get across here no I think I think one thing that people kind of complain about when they're sitting down with maybe extended family is ah about all the views the political views that they have to contend with that they don't normally have to deal with I actually think that's a good thing but you should often have to hear from people who see the world differently from you who who understand politics and policy different differently from you because that makes your understanding richer even if you don't like you know uncle Bob you just like globeop talk it's fine yeah I mean and and in some ways we are in a much better situation than in the United States there Thanksgiving isn't the same time as family members anymore because of where they're situated politically I don't think we are at that stage in this country I think we are still at a place where you can have a reason double conversation even if you are fairly entrenched in your point of view right it is is probably a marker of good things that are politics or not so so intense that we cut off family members over what one of the issues that sort of this would be a good place to start if you're sitting down and what are you start with usually like squash soup or something climate change rosy no no that's the first dish on the menu to the Turkey but climate could be using here's one that's less polarizing economy it is usually a huge driver for turnout for elections and it's generally an issue people Riyan not the approach to how you deal with the economy but everyone agrees that they wanted to do well that things could go better and they want to make sure that economic growth continuing so I know that sounds dry for Thanksgiving but I think it's a good place to start before you get to climate change well the reason I mentioned I was so climate change because to me it's interesting that you have you know climbing marching across this country where hundreds of thousands of people turned out those people will be sitting down at the Thanksgiving table some of them might not have a vote and if you are a sixteen year old who's listening to this podcast first of all thank you and second of all I think there's something to be said about convincing thing one of your parents to vote on your behalf because they they might be coming from that perspective say my vote doesn't count right now but I am not a member of this household do my concern not count I think those climate marches like really sort of set the table if you will for this for this thing sway you in one direction or another you know I would actually my question would be I'm are you going to vote for me too because I care a little bit less how you vote and a lot more right right and and here's the best reason ever for doing it other than democracy and all the things you said because it's really hard to complain the next day if you haven't done it it's really hard to have like to legitimately be able to complain about a party if you haven't even bothered to show up I will say that in in the same vein there's a there's like a predetermined result this is an incredible insertive Revolutionary Act so for the love of God vote Yes e Pi talk about it and then get ready to vote Sir.

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