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In Hollywood by the way on Choline Boulevard to be exact. So here's a little background on February twenty first two thousand nineteen. She was a presenter at the essence. Black Women in Hollywood awards. I saw her backstage just before she stepped to the podium and I think it's fair to say that she was taken aback by the way the ballroom at the Beverly Wilshire. Hotel erupted. Did the love was real. Here's a snippet from her introduction. She's an actress producer and director. She's also at Twenty fifteen essence black women in Hollywood honoree a Golden Globe and three time emmy winner as well as a newly minted academy the award nominee again. That was on February twenty first three days later she won that Academy Award for best supporting owning actress and again we all cheered for our so. Yes I'm thrilled to be sitting with her today and she is a regina can when you are to the third Powell. Who's this talk by saying because I tell you when you and I share a first name? Aim Right Regina Renee. Her last name was Roberson affectionately calling her for years. Our third I love and you there were many Regina's I remember a period where I was. I think I think it was a high school. My friend's father used to call me Regina Belle and now it's like this like the year the time of the religion and so it's a wonderful thing that's funny because I feel like the same unlike growing up never met any other Regina's and I guess I didn't embrace how unique unique that was. There were a lot of middle name as everyone. Angela Renee Gene Air. I was the only regime. But you know latrice Rene Karen a a lot and it wasn't until you know the WHO. We Love Regina Belle. Yes Virginia I won't be called Regina. Regina Belle king was it happens with Hall. Oh My Regina Hall Yeah. It's the year the Regina when I grew up in Queens it was Puerto Rican girl around the corner name. Regina she was flies. WHO Like Lisa Lisa? And she was like so Vlad I was like Oh when I get older like Regina Regina it's fly so and then there's like Wendy Raquel Robertson. Who Was Regina on this? Arbizu Arbizu Ingo Regina Jurors people laugh about that super. Funny that one because mm-hmm for the longest time if I'd go to getty images like look at my pictures Regina there's a singer Regina She does theme Song Oranges New Black. She we know we have to look it up. I'm currently we'll come back to that okay. and pictures. It would Gina. George Rachel McAdams would pop up on my thing and I've just this out that that was interesting. I'm looking at but we had to keep going. Regina Spector Regina structure. Remember that aspect. Hey Regina spiked it shout out so today we're here for your December cover story your fourth essence cover this. This is the third time I've seen you in the third cities as I saw you in Atlanta and New York. Press Dunkin for watchmen. We're GONNA talk about this. Is Your Third Solo cover your fourth essence coverage as you did like a twentieth anniversary with a bunch of the ladies back in the day. Remember that all the different college I did. But so then there's more because did essence cover with Jamie Foxx in Carrie Washington us for rain. This year I'm wrong. Oh my God this is your fifth as your thought about that right now because when you were doing I was thinking about about the Jamie carry one and then white then when you said the one with the clean is Michael Michelle Shell. Yes telly bearing. Yeah I was like. Oh my God. The raiders. mind yet. That one was actually have that photo frame nine. Oh my God I have out one of the outtakes from that a photo shoot Jada 's Jason Senate who had just recently became Jada Pinkett Smith? I think it was only a couple of years or in and It's a photo with the cameras up above in. We're all looking up into the camera and it's that one of my favorite photos that have been my office. Yeah Yeah so along with your cover is now you are Angela. Abrar Weisman and your looming all over the city every city in this poster. I think I'm going to dress up as you. I may be the way I would love that. I told Damon would be Damon. Lindelof creator of watchmen series. I said if I just see one photo of someone dressed up as we won. You know 'cause we literally premier like eleven days before Halloween and so that posters everywhere. It's like so tell me about Angela. Abor our house. She came to be. Oh my Gosh If anyone anyone is familiar with Damon trajectory the comic book series. The graphic novel watchmen became part of his DNA. He ready it for the first time in his teens. And it truly Just inform the writer. He would be if you are a fan of loss if if you are a fan of leftovers then you know you see you have read. You've watched how he that that influenced his style all of rioting and he Turned down doing this series twice before where we are now. Because he's like there's there's no you can't you can't remake perfection A. Why would I do that this disrespectful then a finally on the third ask ask He said what if the credits are going up. On the watchmen series and my name is not up. How am I going to feel about that? And that was one of the Things pushed him towards doing it and then he said well give me pause to let me find what what it is and he found what it was by going back to the graphic novel You'd viewed red tunnel icy coats case for reparations. That had something to do with trying to fine. What is that looming thing of today? That the Cold War the threat of the Cold War played in watchmen the comic book series. So that's how we got here. And then how I became involved is as he was building it figuring Out with that story was he created it The story being centered around a black woman. He has this rule rule to never cast a person that he's worked with before and then another project Belong Sir Short. He broke that rule because because he felt that I was the right person to embody Angela a bar and he sent me the in Aden sent me. He had the script delivered for the pilot because it was such top secret and he wrote this lovely note saying this. Was this thing an minute. I didn't know about this. He doesn't cast someone in the next thing. Rule average decide He has me at. Hello the factor because my experience with him on leftovers leftovers was incredible and So yeah I I knew I was GONNA say yeah pretty much before I even read it because I just know I know the writer that he is and I know the show runner that he is and I know the collaborator. That he is a new that I would be allowed to take ownership and and that's something that I look to for years now. I have experience with John. Ridley you know with John. Wells and Bittermann Christopher. Christopher Chu Lock on South Plan you know so Once you started out having that experience on Southland that kind it led me to a space of knowing that if I don't feel like the processes collaborative then I don't WanNa be a part of it you now So who is Angela era. Angela uh I really feel like she's kind of a a representation of All of us in all of us. I don't mean just all black people I mean all people I don't mean just all women are truly mean all people because once you you tune in to just even the first episode in you'll see along the way and it will also be indicative in other characters as as well. She wears a lot of masks. You know we see in the trailers commercials this sister night so we know that that that is one of her masks. The obvious mask but when we meet her we think we're meeting Angela. A Bar and then little few minutes later we we meet the other man ask Am I. Guess I'd say that the that got a woman we meet our little deeper into the show. That's probably the closest to the essence of Angela's because she's most comfortable dribble most In her natural skin with her family with her man. We're going to talk about So we're talking about here right now. That's a nice little Yahya Abdul Mateen sack ars leg. This is me. Yeah doing amazing amazing. He's in amazing women. Being he's the best work has been you know Someone can have the best Partner is is an artist to Build in a scene with into Not over talk assine but Get get into the nuanced moments In a scene Dive into the odd little things and said I think the audience sees but it's not in the dialogue in that comes from chemistry of actors. Obviously it starts with the writing and directing but the chemistry between the actors and the respect for the art form If it's mutual with the actors in with the I committees that and I didn't even realize he headlines Right before looking at it like oh he said did he just flow spray. Tina's husband gear liked it. Yeah so you never wanted to call she. which isn't new for? Are you here. But it's interesting. That whole being of number one kosh she'd and people have that talk talk about that so much and I guess I just. I'm old school. And kinda come from a space of There are no small parts arts. They're just small actors. That was something that was said to me. Early early early. Mateen's you know maybe even pre teens means and that stuck with me so Something that my acting coach back then bridges. WHO's top bridges? Meyer Oh yeah yeah in. She said that early on just that never left me so when I hear that understand that people are saying that out out of respect in in in and they feel pride in that in that position but I'd say that did I don't give anymore than I gave. When I'm any other number on the call sheet well? That was the first prime I sense. Sounds because not only are you the number one number one percent of the cost that you are one of three Oscar winners on this show keep that which is fears ears fierce so and I think what makes it even more fears is it's one of three Oscar Winners winners that you still know all of our names you now off. Sometimes you like oh well. Who is that person? They want an Oscar in nineteen such such can you just. You don't remember their name but there are people they may not have even seen a Jeremy Irons or Lou gossett junior movie. But you say those named when you light all heard that name before so I don't know why that makes it more significant for me for some reason because it says something about these actors in their careers in how they've navigated them. That Dave remain relevant. You know you to it including myself so correct me if I'm wrong. I think you said that. When when you won the Oscar you were going back to Atlanta? To work on watchmen right one and then yeah so we were all screaming screaming of course but what did you feel the second before you one in the second after you heard your name. Do you remember. Well I won't say the second seconds before I I remember even watch the Oscars before an Kudos to the team. The men and women in stand beside me. They never reminded me that best supporting actress. Whose first up and so I just you know? We're having a good time. You know arrive here. Settled in the seat and white dress and theater ask you know and you know in my an amy. Tina came out and they said that the I was at how is happening. Now it's happening okay. It's happening what's couldn't be a face with the and I just remember looking over my mom. And she is the epitome of grace and just knew that.

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