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A row and they get off with new york atlanta so that is not an easy road trip and then play the padres a ton down the stretch and you know the padres are in third place but this is still a t and obviously they've got some injuries and some issues and you know they've underperformed from what was expected but this is a very good team in f. I'm a team like the padres. i'm like. Hey we've had a rotten season but we can turn it around right now with with all of these games against the giants so Those are all going to be key and the giants are going to be going into those potentially a little bit tired about morte edition his brand bid for them You know he's had his. He's had some big moments here and there. It's not to the point where he is carrying them and it's not that kind of team anyway. There's such a a team that relies sort of on everybody And it seems like like you know a lot of their role player. So the guys that you know you've seen from all these pinch hit home runs so the guys that kind of wind up really playing playing major roles but yeah Especially as first week he was making a lot of noise. I suspect he's going to have a lot to do with how they do. Down the stretch. longoria coming back to Same thing i think he's going to be fairly significant Tommy lewis stella has been a little on the quiet side and we know that he really kind of pushed the as into the playoffs himself last year and then was probably their best player in that playoff series. So i think he will have something to to say with all of this but Yeah they are certainly a very you know at this point. I think we can. We can stop talking about how they're exceeding expectations. They're just a good team. If proven at time and time again and it's funny because it seems like the fans just keep waiting for the wheels to fall off in june. I spent so much time. Well try and ignore people going to swoon june swoon. And it's late august and they lose two in a row. The slogan webb said after the game today we lost two in a row. People were going crazy like what like what it was nuts like. We were panicking. I don't get it so Yeah i think this is a team. That's proven their playoff team. They just need to make sure they hang onto that top spot and and avoid the wildcard although the giants history as a wildcard team is not poor. Unlike the ace. I was gonna say the west in the race between johnson..

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