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That's triple eight eight to five five two two five starting off. This hour is going to be Kristen in Greensboro, North Carolina. Kristen welcome to the Dave Ramsey show. Hi, David Snyder to speak to you you too merry Christmas to you. Thank you. How can I help? I'm calling today because my husband, and I are recent graduates of FPU, and we are now in that curious. Curious position of trying to pay off his student loans. He just earned his doctorate and. The result of that is about fifty K and student loan debt. So what's his doctorate in? Occasions studies. What communication communication studies? Okay. And what's he gonna teach? He. Yeah. He already is teaching actually, okay. You make making. About forty two. I'm sorry. Professors. Don't make forty two with PHD's. It's a it's a contract mission. So it's just starting out. One hundred and forty two is what I want to be making so Wednesday getting that job. He's already started no one hundred and forty two thousand dollar job. Oh, you don't go spend a hundred and eighty grand to work for forty two right? Yeah. So on and with my salary added onto that we're at about seventy two, okay? I really gotta stay on this career thing because I'm really disturbed you you are telling me that he is going to be making north of one hundred as a professor, I hope someday. Yeah. No, darling. That's that's starting out. Yeah. I mean, really I mean a communica PHD in communications teaching communications in an institution of higher learning would pay north of one hundred thousand dollars. That's great. Why why in the world would you do anything else after going to all this trouble and spending all this money? Why what's your? I don't understand. He tried. I mean, we we've tried to find positions that were better pain than this. And and this was really the only thing we're in a lineup. I guess. He was on the market for quite a while. And there's just a lot of people applying for the same positions in his field. Okay. Well, we've got to work on this. Because you guys are spent so much money on this that you you don't have a choice. He's got to go make more money than this. Yeah. So you know, his job hunt is ongoing until he lands something north of one hundred. I mean, it's not this isn't you know, you have to believe that. I mean, and you have to go get that and do that. That's just not, you know, it's absolutely crazy to say it's been one hundred ninety grand make forty two. Yeah. Yeah. We're just not just with. I mean, obviously interests will continue to build. So there's that concern as well. Yeah. But the the concern is is that making seventy grand you guys have two hundred thousand dollars in debt, and you shouldn't be making seventy grand. You ought to be making one hundred seventy grand. Yeah. That's a concern. And. I mean because right now you are facing a huge mountain with a tiny shovel. Yes. Yes. You know, what we need is what we need is a big shovel to attack a big mountain. And that's why I went there is just for you. I'm not trying to shame you or something. But I mean, you guys have really got to get your you need to get some professional career counseling and coaching and find out how in the world you land professorships, and what the process is. Because just throwing your name an applications and saying, oh, there's a lot of people in the field. So I can't win. I that's not. Okay. You guys gotta go make some money, and he has the ability. He's got a free comp-. And that solves everything you've got then. In the meantime, you're going to tread water because you're not gonna make big progress with ratios you're giving me a shovel to whole a two hundred thousand dollar hole with the seventy thousand dollars travel. And the good news is that he should be making a whole lot more. And so that is the answer to you guys dilemma is let's get him employed as he should be. And it's been all of our time on that. So you can do this. You can do it. I wish I could help you. You know, maybe having called Ken Coleman show Ken may have some insight on on how to land a PHD. Into a professorship. I don't I've never done that. But, but I'm I work with enough PHD's in professorships that I know that you know, that is a typical income. All right MAURICE is with us in Detroit Michigan. Hi maurice. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey show. Hey, how you doing better than I deserve. What's up in your world? I'll go across there for you about debt settlement, my wife, and I we call what are the companies to see if we can get pretty much it just actually rolled into collection. She got sick over the summer before we got married, and I guess, you know, with with hospital they somehow they ended up transferring over to the collections agency without proper authorization. Authorization. Do the procedure on her and they never got it. So they said that they were going to put it in review. And I guess somehow they never got back with my wife about the review the procedure. Yeah. They did the procedure you so what is out what is up for review? Supposed to be I guess, according to what my wife was saying she was saying that they were supposed to get authorization to do the procedure through the insurance company. Right. So somehow she found out that they didn't do the they didn't get the information through to the insurance companies. So basically, they said they were going to review they say, she was right? You know, we didn't get to authorize, and they agreed with her that they were supposed to do that. And they said it was going to review it and the next thing, you know, he got sent over to collection. It's eleven hundred dollars. Okay. And what should it have been with the insurance? If the insurance had paid what they're supposed to pay. I'm not sure exactly what it should have been. I would have to ask my wife that to get more information on it. But collections is offering you want. Well, they they wanna they want have to pay the full amount of what it is. Here's the deal. You're bozo. Hospital didn't turn this in for insurance properly, and they did the procedure. Anyway, it's on them. It's their fault. We will give you two hundred dollars to settle this debt. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Because I had talked to them yesterday. And I end up talking to the manager at the EPA collection company. He said, you know, and and I did everything that you know, that you teach, you know, basically, you know, get it in writing he fell. No, we don't do anything writing more than you. Don't get any money. Right. Right. And then he turned around and said, and then I said, you know, what I wanted to be, you know, either money order or check. He's fell. No, we only do electronic kidding me. Right now. That's why we tell you this every day because you can't trust. So no, I mean, you can do a money order or you can do it, you know, prepaid debit card or you can do whatever. But no electronic.

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