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Speaking of small wait for the HAM visit Segue here player abject five thousand dollars a player. You'd be thousand dollars a player fifty five thousand in dollars or player if you're Rospa ten weeks and when I say average that don't leave the low end that means the average did you watch destroyed addicts. Were Americans. Look I watch. I watch a quarter. I want to get hit so hard by grandma. We love yourself more but then the thing with Exit Ville reside they reside cross section of Opportunity Opportunity in exploitation player. You wash out they said to your boy Clinton. Hey Sunshine on the free to large plates men increase your profile that way because there are guys like Aaron Mariam's interview for ESPN The daily. I mean kind said when the offer came to him he said I don't WanNa do it then he got a call from co tricked. WHO's from does Mark Trestman? Who was the head? Coach of the Ten Bay Franchises said I grab a Tantrum. I was one of the plane. That's eight B our I work in. CBS Booth during the football all season. Second some strokes off my golf game to come up like quarterback so those guys guys who say the last shot to make it. It's that cross section there that makes me that made in my stomach turn. When I tried to watch yesterday? It was the now that for some of these guys. Mainly the quarterbacks this is a lar- they even asked me to ask them to air. Do you thinks is seventy degrees in abundance as we'll see what comes next right now folks on my team getting these. which is what you say the quarterback but make no mistake take? The season is structured in a way that you could make. Ota's way where you're incentivized to do. Make it out. Yeah one of my even make it to the draft. I can't remember the young man's name got kicked off West. Virginia the plate Hornets. Yeah but my thing is hey union union. There's no no one protecting these players. And he noted his bomb the one year contract. They Vince McMahon. Being the pro wrestling promoter years was smart enough to realize if I if your one year and a dangle that hope that maybe I could get out. Maybe I don't need this. You won't ever think a year to three ten and how that can help you you or your fellow brothers or sisters down the road enjoy about making the next town. Always worry about making the next. If you're gonNA absorb it enjoy just drives. Open that talk about this world exploitation this world professional football on all of Zik politician. This is one where I'm like. Hey Man tougher me utterly insurance situation it would hurt I back. I know it's going to be around longer than the actual money behind it real money behind it but the question now is is smart one because this do you have this week in the. WWe parted ways to senior executives. Forget Qaytbay forget what we think. These are the guys in line. Vince had a horrible action in having their both gone. Now yes congratulations. You've reached near the end of the podcast where I take the time to talk to my wrestling guests about wrestling ship. I Miss Issue if you're not hang on tight rich. You've seen the stock price. Did the Responsi- fireable exempts who working allegedly tiered system for For the network and now the admission that the rates might just beat for sale a lot of turmoil in corporate land. How do you think that reflects tonight's future the XFL the future serve the planet? I think at this point Vince. McMahon is looking at Dana White. And he's looking at what he's he's been doing with his system with the WB network and he mentioned it several times in that call. I think to be on a believed to be exactly said it four times. He's looking to sell the rights to the distribution of his network and all his movies bay views. And all that and make it about what you have sees Bacon. Which is several I wanNA say the equivalent of I WANNA say to three hundred million a month? Then I'm I'm not a month a year so he's looking to pull that in and cash out and if he's looking at cash out for dude who spent twenty three hours a day focus on wrestling. He can't not focus so I would assume that money as you mentioned is going. He's going to cash out and go right into making sure he could beat the best football guy I ever. Well that's that's possible all that stock usher and that's not even as majority like he sold off four hundred million dollars and and he's already at this point probably a billion and he's a projected publicly. He'll lose three hundred and seventy five million over this three. I three year period. I can't do that. I can't imagine that I'm all take three hundred seventy five million off. I can't really comprehend the deal with but I think it's interesting to see how that's your fucking onscreen product for. WWe The wrestlemanias here. Russell arose behind us in Around just thirty dollars per view. I'm actually pretty cited creatively for what's coming the next few months Myemma Myemma crazy mine saying what would John Call her now no I I think I'm I'm with you. I think that's a fair assessment. I can see things like people say. Oh it's still XYZ buddy murphy's main eventing Ross one off match with Roman. which was? I'm not not complaining about that. Those don't match those default match Brian. But Buddy Murphy appear main imaging Ross the warriors the war-machine Saray. They are made to grow eight man tag already announced coming Monday. Samoa Joe Kevin Jones in the war raiders war-machine shing versus the AO P. Seth rollins in Buddy Murphy. The only person who's been a true. Maybe even mainstay entire time you in that eight man is set. Dan Owens in Samoa Joe running face an entire fully-developed Andrade Americo sewer line. Let's go that'd be citing injury Eh. They've never faced competition in twenty years. The W thing is real and as much as I have questions about some of their booking. I'm very very excited to be going to Awa dynamite in two weeks time in Philips arena Georgia if you are at ud Potter and you're a recipe you're going to eighty w DM me onto her deep homes at six. Let's meet up. Go find supposed to grab some beers. Maybe you're talking for the show after show. I want to do this. I'm going to be there Eh. Homes going to be there you can make the in front of her. It's very exciting but yeah I would counter the next thing I got going I like. Aws McGraw to go home raw before media. Back in. I'm I'm I'm kind of in this Sir Reinvigorated by the rumble. In by what. I'm seeing a loses mike crazy or just a not yet jaded fan. Because I don't one of your famous something I hate. Call me nuts. This'll be what they don't like professional wrestling but talk about recipes. I love it. I love the the interface healthy ears. Now I'm with you. I'm I'm a big person where I don't watch what I don't like so so if smackdown is not good that night. I'm not watching if raw. I'M NOT GONNA watch a three hour show every night because I can't do it can't do catch up at these segments is that I'd like to see that print those right and then Wednesdays I enjoyed both shows and I don't see it as one versus the other even though one is clearly there the try to take the other one out like I respect that Vince McMahon he's a businessman that's his business he's going to compete but I don't see it. Also as has eight to me isn't the last bastion of Creative Chrysler. I can watch creek wrestling independent wrestling t progresses. You know there's a billion ways you can watch wrestling. That's going to be off the path.

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