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Michael, Britney Spears, Forty Minute discussed on That Awful Sound



So like i said this is going to be fun episode we're talking about holes malibu first of all i want to plug the patriot patriot dot com slash that awful sound for bonus content mostly every week the last three weeks we've had bonus forty minute episodes of deleted content every week min forty minutes and that's you know really just like shooting myself in the foot because that's another forty minute episode i have to edit but i don't put stuff on the patriot unless it's like worth listening to you know so like sometimes the code will only be fifteen or twenty minutes long you know because it's just bonus content however as dedicated listeners may know we are releasing a full format bonus episode every month now the first one sort of a soft premier was the awful spotlight on cohesion cambridge third album in the technically the first half of the third album because michael and i don't want to shut the fuck up about co he'd but that was a fun one that full episodes available to patriot subscribers msu michael the yeah you're gonna miss him tomorrow when we're recording this month's patriots bonus episode on britney spears yeah it's gonna be a good one oops i did it again it's our first time covering britney spears we're going big how can that be true i know it's weird i don't know because because you know on the show i don't want to just do a britney spears song to do one i want that he wants to just do a britney spears.

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