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Considered a one year. Is our yard okay. Well let's leave it up to the fans to decide. Because i think that the fujii's are i mean. Obviously they don't have as as biggest of a catalog. But i think that as far as an impact and people excited for this twelve show tour. I don't appreciate that. Look you're giving me by the way twelve camera not you. They get a twelve show tour coming. And i think it's a big deal because i mean being a massive fujii's fan like i ended up buying that disk on. When i was growing up. I grew up on as well as that miseducation of lauryn hill which i wanna say went like ten times. Fucking platinum feuds della in that would that dropped ninety eight not far after that score album. And then all of a sudden poof moose. Much like dave chapelle. She just kind of up and quit the industry. She just didn't want to conform to the i don't know. Ra would you would you. Would you have more to say on that. Like what what what was what. would you say reason. It was for just upping and leaving addiction. Some taxes us. If am not mistaken. I can't say. I have my finger on the pulse of the it like mental self. She attacks us pay taxes. I don't know how much that affected her leaving accountant. I'm pretty sure. I think there was some tax issues whether and it turns out. She didn't go dark. She was just in jail for the past twenty five years so it could be any number of things but i seem to remember having some taxes issues at some point but i think they had creative difficulties. They basically weren't talking a lot. Like i can't fall time. Just dribs and drabs. I picked up. I just i think given that the the craziness of the story back then how she was on top. I think she won. Like a million fucking grammy's that after she dropped that album. And i wanna say it was her first solo album and then just up and quit so i guess it's not a one upper but you know i think it's a pretty big relevant topic Surrounding the music industry. So i just figured figured out volume up that they'd definitely wants this back then. I want to go back last week. With the i googled. The dirty dirty honey lead singer. And i'm pretty sure he was the guy who walked by me during the concert like because he was in the area where like only security is there are less like catholic permit and he come up and say you know. Hey what's up. Loved the show. Would of a and mike. Because that's the only guy who could have been part of the bent. So i i realized it was after what i looked it up. Who who who the dude was. He's t walked by during the show in like the pit with a security as biden bomb. I was very cordial just into who just waffled in use. But i don't really remember. But i remember mentioned kraft. I gotta ask you. as quick. could talkable football. Later i'll in shuttled aaron rodgers for that amazing fucking comeback last night with thirty seven seconds. Keep talking change on. Will you guys be attending. Brady's return at gillette stadium. This upcoming week now i will not be. I will not i am. I can't stand going nfl games. I think it's the most made for tv. Sports ever to be created time. Let alone on eight thirty game where you're just say. I'm old watching that game. I'll be up but in terms of like being at the game. Your home it to your exhausted and also the bucks are gonna pound the shit out of the patriots. Brady's gonna light them up especially following loss to right. He's following a loss and have a rookie. Qb he's gonna be as fired up ever and he hate. I'm convinced him and gronk despise bill. Belichick oh yeah. I think that's pretty pretty obvious. I think that the nfl is probably the best league as far as organizing their schedule and making sure certain things happen at certain times. I wanna say that. Tom brady is gonna pass the times passing yards record in gillette stadium. Because he was he was just on a teeter last game. 'cause they posted about. Its second all time to. I believe peyton manning so he will be passed or maybe it was drew brees. And he'll be passing at gillette stadium so they just do unreal job of of of putting all these games on the On on the pedestal that deserve at the right times breath. Gretzky broke a record in edmonton. When he was on the king's somebody will know what he's got like a hundred of them. So i know i know but i'm talking. 'bout legends going back and actually breaking record at their original barn original stadium mike. It's pretty crazy that the time works like like that. I guess you're saying the schedule makers knew that it could have been that game and they kind of planned it for week four but the other thing i wanted to say about the nfl is. I'll go to game. I wanna four four thirty start on on a november sunday. Like once too early for you. Get there at one. One thirty tailgate. You're not home at to your home at like nine. Eight thirty nine and just a sweet spot increase. Anyone was curious who is it was gordie house point record that he broke october. Fifteenth nineteen eighty nine. Holy fuck cornell. You are absolutely humming out of the gate right well. It's called google's and baby. I can't say time. I've been pats game is probably one of the conference championships versus brady versus manning. Just because like what's it's an absolute fucking shorter goal. Unless you're in the rich people parking lot we get in or out of your pocket like south to the stadium which knows people are coming that way. It's a pain in the ass and also to it. I think you're gonna mention how many donkeys earned the crowd. Like i know games donkey's everywhere. Grinding my gears. A whistle every ten seconds that issue. But it's just like me and the rapper. He blacked out at like ten in the morning. Then like you know you gotta deal with hundreds of them in the stadium. It's like the on our trip. Nah hey. I don't think we ever talked about ra at in detroit. The the one day where you completely waffle. John day at night i got twenty seconds timeout of myself. Lay down how to cook in the rush out. And i we could talk about that. Okay well actually Quickly going back to detroit to we drop the renske and cop. Sand bagger this past wednesday Great numbers on that. Thank you everybody who showed up to live. chat was buzzing bitter controversy authority over you at. I don't think everyone's watch it so we won't spoil but i'll tell you this it goes to a play off and on the first playoff all zachariah and ski takes a drop. The worst drop guy in the world by the way and a lot of people were chirping his swing like that. It's short swing. But he pounds the ball. So i wish i had a shorter swing. Because you're just more compact in like he. He's a good player is swing doesn't look great but he gets it removes it out there. But he decided to lift his ball up and take a drop. I mean after talking to us in the end we gave okay but it was just a bizarre situation. Thank you for tuning in. I was on the live chat with people during the The broadcast wednesday night. The course was fantastic. The green iraq and they were also lightning to put on a and just check it out. You got to see what this dude pulled off on. The nineteenth is unacceptable. We then found out. Apparently it's local rule where that grass is like dying. You get drops. But i don't know about that. We might have just been getting finagled by the membership post. Rice set in the sandbags. Funky should be in the water bill after signing that ticket. Good line as the and and i would say three times over the course of that sand bagger some very very suspect drops by renske so i'd hopefully the nhl league looks into it because Maybe player safety button twice retired l. Really fired did he get fired. His contractors and line out yet he's made for. Tv's gonna be on espn now. He is right. I i think so occasionally on. Tv he doesn't he doesn't hold back home for that aspect it's magic magic that guy in an arbitration meeting..

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