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Stitching if you ever have bangs. Uh, seven or seven and listen, We're so glad you're here on the tide of done show and listen, the FBI, the Department of Justice they're now seeking, uh, well, some help it, you know, identifying those folks that storm the U. S Capitol. Some people of interest authorities want to talk to. They want to hear from Jake and jelly. I'm told he's a Q and on conspiracy theorist who lives in Arizona and jelly broke into the Senate chamber at one point sat and the day is chair where Vice President Mike Pence, sat just minutes before. Then there's Richard Barnett to Trump supporter from Arkansas who had a personal vendetta against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. So much, So he broke into her office and left this message. It said quote. We will not back down. Authorities are asking for help to identify dozens of these people. That capital is equipped with facial recognition technology. I'm told names are already being matched with faces. There was another man hanging from the House chamber, and he said that he just got caught up in the moment. Yeah, that's it. They say they did find two pipe bombs. Yeah, outside outside the Democrat and one outside the Republican National Committee headquarters, as well as a cooler with Molotov cocktails. They also arrested a man with a military rifle in 11. Molotov cocktails. Now what? We'll want to find out who these people are. Exactly. Once we determine you know this. This person had a long rifle in in the Molotov cocktails. Well, we'll know exactly who they are, and in a matter of days and then I'll tell a better picture. So exactly what went down lets Trump supporters. You know, I have well ast you say we'll find out exactly but it gives me pause is for us if they were even you have doubts. I have tried seriously doubt. No, no. Hang on A second. Ther is a portion of the right that is very angry. They feel that this country is being stolen from them and they're prepared to get violence. So don't be surprised if there is a portion of the right That is ready for bloodshed. That's the scary side to me. I know what you're saying, No. Which there's no doubt that these were were extremists on and we've got him on both sides. I'm just saying, though, among that group that whole group that was really doing the damage. And then you had some that were just in there wondering around like they were tourists and taking Selfies. It's like, Oh, the door's open. Let's go in. Ah, you had them, But I think among that group that was really doing damage. I think you had trump supporters. Then I think you had some that got caught up in the moment and we're just maybe seven. Just you know what crazy the hype of the moment? Yeah. I think you're just gonna have a hodgepodge in there. Some that might have not known where they were. You know who knows? But but, uh no, I I understand what you're saying. Just because they're Molotov cocktails doesn't automatically mean that they're not trump support your I got your baby is 17 here on the tide of Don show Some high ranking Capitol security officials will lose their jobs after the events this week. House sergeant of the arms Paul Irving, he resigned from the post Senator Chuck Schumer, says Senate sergeant Arms Mike stinker. It will also be fired once Democrats take control of the chamber later this month. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also called for the Capitol Police chief Steven Son to resign as well. They're not happy with the way things went down this week. They say, they say that they weren't prepared. Well, listen, there's a lot of talk that they did have that you know the authorities that anybody the police National Guard who everyone look at, had heads up that there could be this kind of activity going on and that they basically ignored it. Was one of the things from this week that I'm concerned about. It has to do with the U. S flag That was it was used by those on the right as they're having that rally for the president. Because they're in the reason I'm concerned about it is I mean, I love the flag fly the flag of my house constantly properly, But the left will now start to say that that Is an image of hate. They will start to do that that was already going on was already going to be more emboldened there gonna be more emboldened to do it, and I strongly believe in the next four years there will be someone that files legislation. It may not get far. But someone will file legislation to change the flag that mean Oh flag, the tide and don show.

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