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New x helping week she had a second major the the season somebody guys played well right now you're cessna on who you like the us openness first things first i was at shinnecock in four and the fact that they're going back is beyond my belief because the us j murdered the golf course they it was it and homicide got booed on the seven thirty win the greens keepers came out to syringe in the green and they were out there mercan plu into where it is don't be frigging punk over there play it your believers that green was was bare it was ended the golf course was dead they killed and that was a shame because shannon cox awesome the thing i like about a link see course like this and it's like how about the pairing of dj justin and tiger ridiculous boy pat perez who's in a group in front yeah that's tough talking about crowd control and people think it's the one behind behind is the one in front group in fronts the one that catches a bad i took a picture of tiger phil and ricky from the second green at sawgrass they were on the third tea and i took a picture of the tea and it's thirty thousand people and then i turned around and took a picture of the second green which was austin cook who had just one and kip henley and not even their parents were there it we'll see our caillat tell us how you do later.

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