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The show if you're not a doctor you want to get a point in but you don't want to hop on the air I think I'm pretty nice to the people on here but some people don't necessarily want to have their voice aired nationally that's fine you do me a Twitter and Jodi Mack Maine J. O. D. Y. M. A. C. M. A. and maybe make a really good to point I thought four point one it will make the hose co you could potentially be the Daddy Mack tweeted today to bench we die receive over the course of the show is red right at the end of the show and I will personally give you credit for it thank you give your Twitter handle and address out there to where the nation if you've got the best treat you are the Mack Daddy tweeted today but we still got two plus hours to do that to get you to retain at Jodi Mack man Craig from Michigan's up on CBS sports radio I cracked Hey Jodie amen a great show as always I mean I you know I I've always thought because I've been in forty seven I've been doing a sports radio calling in listening that kind of thing for twenty years so I've heard dozens of people and I think you do a better than most all of them and as well as all of my should say and you know the thing is is I think that a lot of young guys is that they get kicked off the show or they lose their contract after six months or a year the auto listen to your show for three four months they would have a blueprint on how to do it all right now I'm done blowing smoke up your rear so found how may I help you know you talk about the the Yankees need some pitching yes and I you know the Tigers are large looking to move people now you got Matthew Boyd six may record for before point we are a in in yet terrible with a three point six five ERA but his three nine but I wonder how good with those guys bees in a Yankee uniform I mean are they even consider to be a possibility is and what kind of prospects to the Yankees have to give up if they if they are in in is there anything else is they would want from the Tigers limited you know roster yeah a couple dings on their pictures that you throughout match you boys won loss record doesn't scare.

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