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I'm just gonna get a hold of dr winters if if things get worse but he's he's suspects that You know the worst is is done on and going to start feeling better. And i'll be back. We'll be back with them back. What would you say. He's got for underlying health conditions. Any guesses well. He took care a lot of those conditions when he had is his weight. Loss surgery right over twenty years. I've how many times i almost died. Twenty years if you've got this five years younger than us if you got this five years ago when Before the you'd be you're already dead from from falling into drunken The potted plants drunk drunken masks to where we where we begin with. All my antics over the years is probably the slot stuff shouldn't be discussed publicly really if it didn't shock me when you told me that that you had it of course i'm just a walking train wreck right one person about among everyone i know it again i would have picked you. We went through this a few months ago number. He was tested about four five months ago. Because somebody and his household or roommate or something had yeah remember. That didn't have it then. So i thought maybe it's another false alarm and i got cocky two when i thought i was for sure gonna get it. Never gonna get it. And then i got the vaccine. I'm never going to get it. And then i end up getting it guy that on. I'm glad to symptom showed up on saturday. Because if they were two days later he would have been here yesterday in fact to stick up your nose. Yeah oh yeah. I would've wiped out the whole of a fourth floor. Exactly you're right. The symptoms came just in time before you return to work together. I mean we haven't seen you in ten days gone back to yeah. He took last week all. We could go friday so we should be. Maybe maybe i'll stop reading. Who knows relaxing. You know best football games. I don't know we'll. We'll put together a fundraiser to get you a ventilator for you have to. Yeah you know. It'd be a good scam to start a gofundme you know. I thought about that. She's a couple extra bucks. Take much going well. You don't sound that sick right ray. Well dressed up. We'll check in with you. Right producer ray. Lopez of the john and ken show has got a breakthrough cova case. That's our news from. And he said he'd come on so we want to break any hippo laws by revealing. I don't think we're bound by that. We're not bounded. I don't think we're bound by medical laws. Now this comes in tune with the news today from the cdc who nobody trusts.

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