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Of the twelve victims killed in a nature airplane crashed sunday where americans review sharah day howard reports several had ties to the delaware valley the american state department recently identified former residents of montgomery county dr mitchell weiss his wife dr leslie weiss and their two teenage daughters as victims of the fiery crash the department also confirmed an additional lost to our area university of pennsylvania freshman williams steinberg and his family on vacation were also among those killed on the flight dr mitchell wise was an intervention a radiologist at bay karen bel air florida the family relocated to florida from plymouth meeting in two thousand and five charity howard kyw newsradio president trump is targeting enemies old and new in 2018 he's made clear amid awan's antigovernment protests he's offering support the rahman the imf people but his efforts to ban any from coming into the us new year's day morning tweet from the president quote iran israeli at every level despite the terrible deal made with them by the obama administration in quote he also lashed out at pakistan four nothing but lies and deceit when it comes to fighting terrorism here's what mr trump told party goers at moral law goes new year's eve celebration north korea's kim jong un however had his own 2018 messages heard through an interpreter the entire continent of america is within reach of our nuclear attack the nuclear button is placed on my desk at all times bob costantini washington pathak in a minute killing his time for a left who are the special people in organizations making the delaware valley the best it can be on kyw antoinette lee you don't need a lot of money to give back a lotta tabs almost just having a space to give bag calphalon smart says the founder of their urban art gallery at 52nd in irving in west philadelphia in this space local artists can show off their artwork musical talent and more the emerging artists can't showcase their work and santa city so now well we do we bring it to west philly and have a place for them as a steppingstone for them this family affair doesn't end it selling art his daughter milan says they bring art's to the community even.

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