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Church. Church. Resurrection. What? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, we can't pay their for today. And then they're like in Hawaii the next week like what happened? Yeah. Costly going places, which is cool. Just don't say you're poor don't brag have money. But like, it's you can't do certain things. You don't have money. That's true. Traveling is one of them like flying places one of them. I get it. You might be committing a financial faux pas, if you brag about how much you spend, which I think goes into talking about how much you paid for an item also underpaying when you're splitting the Bill. Like if you why girlfriends, and I do this all the time. We'll go out, and we have five or six different women there, and we're drinking and we're eating, and we all kind of order around the same amount of stuff. And so we just split it five ways one thing more than anything. I see women basically take out their calculators. This. And it's like the exact about guys like they just even if I own a little bit more a little bit last week. Just throw it in. I see more with women than any L. Employees thinking I have to have this much leftover from Amazon packages. Dallas. You're going to split the Bill disagree to split the Bill and just like, okay? If it's four fifty in another person pays five on the freak out about like, I just did it with Jason. I said I owe him like thirty whatever it was and actually rounded up on myself like actually owed him less than that. But I'll say it's like fifty five. So I'll say sixty sixty no the total split was fifty five. I said oh to make it easy. We'll split sixty. And I'll give you thirty. But I might wait. I'm getting myself less. Actual Pinchot comes from our dissolving of the company, which is officially dissolved. So you're too late. If you wanted to. What we did with the remaining Amazon gives you an option to ship back your unused material at price. Yeah. Or they can destroy the items for like ten cents each. We opted to destroy. It. I did get out of the blue carols like a check it looks like from Bank of America came for you today, and it was like from J B capital of inches. Whatever our business name is. I'm like roof. I start getting excited. Why did we put money in? And you know, how you feel? I opened this up ready to call Jared like you'll never believe sixty cents. Uh-huh. You thirty dollars. I know you'll only twenty nine dollars and forty cents 'cause I got a check for sixty cents. I was like, I don't even know if I think. You don't have account anymore. How do you cash? How dare does the Bank send you after we close our account? Right. They send us a check. That has to go in our account for right? It's like more work to do this. I getting the sixty set I think at this point. I don't know it was give it a hug. Bye. Put it in a frame to remind you. Going to business again, we decided that already right? And then the number one financial faux pas, you might be committing. Don't even know you take too long to pay someone back. Well, oh my goodness. This guy right here. Jared jared. I got I got is go by. Doesn't realize this. But he owes me a lunch still. Yes. Last time from months ago. And he still owes me thirteen dollars and fifty cents. And now, he just informed. He owes me even more money. I made you aware. Anyway, it gets too complicated. You back to you always pay people back. I don't ever. There's one person still owes you one hundred dollars Jason Richard year. Yeah. He did throw a bunch of money at me the other day. But yeah. Yeah. Betting. Aren't you supposed to treat giving money to somebody as a gift, isn't it? The reason why is because let's say Jared was down on hard times. And I he asked me for if I can borrow money. Let's say I give him a couple of hundred dollars expecting it back. We're probably not going to be friends anymore because if you go in with the mentality, you're just going to give the money, and then he happens to pay you back, then that will save your friendship. But if you go in the money expecting him back, and he doesn't pay back right away. It can lead to fights. And in your mind, you think this again? It's going to be gone. And if they they should pay you back, but if they don't can't be mad because you hurt feelings. Also that can cause money can hurt a lot of relationships. All right. Well, I guess we some of us commit these financial faux pas, I don't do this. But I know someone who does it maybe you do to maybe you do this. Do you have to get full grown person? Do you have to get fully naked to go? Number two. Getting personal. It is getting personal. And there's someone on the show that no somebody intimately that does is in their life. They get full a grown under kid as a grown person. Fully naked to go. Number two. That's coming up with Jared and Katie the morning Jared and Katie in the morning on one zero seven five K C L. I started noticing more hair in my brush and on my pillow, then I noticed my thinning hair in.

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