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These kind of incidents are multiplying, and it's absolutely essential to make sure that international community say clearly that this is not something that can have Turkey sources say they have documentary evidence that the Saudi security team murdered Mr. kesha. Gee, this Saudi Interior Minister said allegations that his country was responsible lies. The US Treasury Secretary. Steve Mnuchin has said he's following developments on the investigation into the disappearance of Mr. kashogi that said. He's still planned to attend an investment conference in Saudi Arabia later this month, the head of the International Monetary Fund. Christine Lagarde said she would go to the meeting the World Bank. Chief Tim Kim has withdrawn a number of businesses and media firms say they will stay away. The US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has called an Ankara to free. Other Americans in prison in Turkey quickly. After the release of the evangelical pastor Andrew Brunson. The American government has said no deal was struck as crisp clear in Washington explains. Brunson appeared in court and was actually convicted of charges of spying, and effectively helping terrorist groups, but he was immediately release nonetheless there are questions specifically about why this happened at this stage uncertainty. The US has been putting on a novel or pressure over the past two years as he been detained and they've been trying to do all they can and a low President Trump has said that there was no deal. They're helping some reports in the US media suggesting that there was an attempt to have some kind of negotiation. Some kind of secret deal behind the scenes Malaysia is former deputy prime minister and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is contesting Akiba election today. The vote is being seen as the first test for Mr. an well since his return to political life earlier this year. Roger Walker reports. Anwar Ibrahim is expected to win the by election in port diction, but analysts say he needs to win convincingly to maintain his momentum and fulfil his. Ambition of becoming Malaysia Prime minister in may Mr. Anwar joined forces with his former bitter political rival Mahattaya Muhammad to win a shop general election victory over the batter. Shan, national coalition which had governed Malaysia for more than sixty years. The two made a pact with the ninety three year old doctor Mahattaya promising to hand over the premiership to Mr. Anwar in two years world news from the BBC search and rescue teams in the US state of Florida had begun work in Mexico beach. The town hardest hit by hurricane Michael. The storm devastated communities across the region. Hundreds of people are unaccounted for a total of sixteen people have been confirmed dead across the southeast of the United States. As a result of the storm. Officials in the poll said at least eight climbers are missing on the goodra him. Oh, peak ultra snowstorms. They're kind of police spokesman said five South Koreans and therefore Nepalese guides are presumed to have died. Ambro sanity Rajon has more details. The South Korean Nepali climbing team were camped at the foot of mount Guja waiting for a window of good weather. So they could attempt to reach the summit and Napoli. Police spokesman told the BBC violence Tom hit the region completely destroying the camp is that the bodies of the climbers were spotted among the wreckage of the camp by your rescue team a helicopter managed to reach the site. But was unable to land near the camp due to severe weather conditions. The year he is about two hundred kilometers northwest of the capitol cotton undo officials are hoping to send another recovery team on Sunday when the weather improves. The Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania in next month's elections. Scott Wagner has taken down a video from social media in which he threatened his democratic opponent. Mr. Wagner was heavily criticized for remarks he made in the video in which he threatened to stone Paul over his opponent's face with golf spikes, Mr. Wagner, later explained. He shouldn't have said what he said. Personal data about thousands of workers at the US defense department has reportedly being compromised after cyberattack. A Pentagon spokesman said an investigation had been almost into the hack. A US government report issued earlier this week said the Pentagon had been slow to protect major weapon systems from cyber attacks. BBC news. Six GMT this weekend from.

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