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Takes him seriously. But man, they can do a lot offensively. They I think the best receiving core in football. And they got three guys who can be deep can all catch other offensive line solid. And they've kind of fixed the one big problem last year which was their run defense up the middle buccaneers forty Niners. Yeah. I didn't watch in case. Anybody cares bucks? One twenty seven to nine. I'm told C one play. I didn't even see a highlight. I didn't watch. Dolphins colts lock e Braun. Eric Hebron is having himself. I year. He was a first round pick. He went to Detroit. He kind of just didn't do anything. All my Lord. He is the Pro Bowl tight end in the league right now and the chemistry with him. An Andrew lucked is remarkable. He now has eleven receiving touchdowns tied for the most in the league with tyreek hill and Antonio Brown. The colts don't have really a number two receiver. So he is really valuable there. This team's very tight end Centric. I think this team is limited. I don't think they're good enough to be top teams on the road. Maybe even at home, but they've won five straight in Hebron is having an incredible like grunk in his prime year Packers Vikings. Can't beat cousins Eric Aaron Rodgers career against Kirk cousins. Oh, two and one. Kirk cousins is actually Kirk cousins has. Better receivers. But isn't that kind of thing I have to stop.

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