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Let's go to the phones, Hollywood and San Francisco yoed, Katie k. Hey, good money. Good evening to your listened audit. She has just saying James, San Francisco, and, you know, Danny Glover is support. You don't last like man living in San Francisco and what it entails. Is in first of all, we do how American mayor by the name London breeze. You know with that being saying there's only six percent African Americans. In San Francisco. And so, you know, the last black man standing, you know, he tells a story, you know, how high the expiration of the app for America man away from San Francisco. So would that be Siham, you know, it constituted a movie that, you know, entail something to do for call to that have for America, man? Have in San Francisco knows you think those same difficult is a Evan Pittsburgh anywhere else. Well, yes, yes, you know, yes, you know, we not deny there. But the fact of the matter is that we want to make sure that once that a left staying in represent. I is this a movie that you talking about The Danny Glover's news to what? Yeah. Run Toco what's it called? The last black man in San Francisco. Oh, I is it going to be nationwide released? We're going to have to look for it on, on one of the Ned flakes. Yeah. Well, you know it hits theaters here yesterday. In San Francisco. How was it received? Well, you know, Danny Glover was on good Morning America last yesterday. You know, he was carrying a message like the movie makers, do you know what I mean? They appeal nationwide TV talk shows, and they talk about they move. Have you seen it? No. I have you just hit yesterday. Okay. Yeah. Is it but I've seen him on TV and plus I know Danny Glover you're not. I mean person. Yeah. You know, we don't you know, we don't cross paths, you know, and well, I'd mind, Danny Glover. He's kind of an like my new Harry Belafonte, as he's not afraid to step out there and talk about the issues and, and worry about whether Hollywood will keep him from getting jobs anymore. He participated in some of the anti-apartheid movements. I really liked Danny Glover and his activism. Right. Right. Well, you know, there's he represent rea- wear and you just you just spoke on, you know, his positively and not being afraid that not being afraid of Hollywood. You know what I mean? And as a result of that, you know, he, he emails from San Francisco, so, you know, he definitely seen the migration of the have for America, man. And away from San Francisco. You know limit j you man. It's happening everywhere. A lot of people coming back in, they call the gentrification. I, I have a friend. This is the second time. This has happened to me, another friend who moved away and was in New York trying to become an actor and came home and didn't recognize the part of town, that he grew up in after being away two years. Google is come in that building these expensive apartments, the cost on a leg to rent a two bedroom apartment, but they've got the money to pay for it. And the people who used to live, that don't. So it's, it's happening everywhere Hollywood. I tell you that right now. Well, you know, with that being said, we have a wonderful Merrill, London breeze who grew up here in San Francisco. And you know, the home of the saying, you know, she doing one thing full as that is concerned. They say that's a real problem. Now yoga tents everywhere. We what? We used to getting better. I'm glad to hear is getting better because I I've seen some reports say San Francisco is having a real problem in glad memorial. Can't take everybody man. Yeah. That's right. You got that, right. You got the right information. But with that being said, I wanna let you know, staying me dead London. Brees is addressing that problem. Campaign you own campaign. Nine on a campaign. But I know what that she doing. No. Yeah. To work at the and I I'm not well, I guess you can't say I want to a campaign, but I'm just speaking to as far as progress is concerned, you know, she has you know, so far. She has established almost five hundred beds for the homeless. Five hundred. But I they give me a lot more out than that Hollywood. I appreciate your call. I gotta get a commercial break in. Thank you very much. All right. All right. Well, we've been coast to coast kind of show today. We've heard from California, a couple of times we've heard from South Carolina, and Georgia and everywhere else, Katie k the fifty thousand watt blowtorch. All right. I'm Chris more fatty criolla Texas break, and we'll come back and wrap up the show. Now you can see performance. Popstars sports stars people,.

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