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Delay Zhang is number. Twenty nine Brian Jennings who helped out Anthony Joshua smart twenty-seven and coli Who we speak about in here and there who lost to hunter and just beat someone? I think Peter is something that he beat But yeah you know he's right there twenty six Man Kaufman is not even here. But Gorman is I wouldn't mind in Gorman Ruiz as his tune-up even Germain Franklin Ruis Germain. Lets hands go he. He don't have the skill. Maybe of a Ruis That'll be a good a good name Germane France way to surround. I don't think if people with that name a jemaine Franklin his past couple flights. We all see the delimitation did he do have and the guys like. I don't know some guy's name but it was. Fury is a former world champion. And we've seen them come back with steph safari all types of weird names James in Chilton for the Celtics Safari in Swertz and all that Shit. We did kill them for that. So I don't pay Germain Frank Way. Hey the name that Andy should even entertain caches Jamie moving on number thirty thirty eight. Wow He's common so your boyfriend Sanchez. Number thirty six with a Eddie Renault. So at the Jay in listen. Listen it's crazy because while the got six more years he's thirty four he's he's GonNa retire at forty and back half of his career. He's last six years ago to get busy. Because this top fifteen is the top names division. Now obviously these fifteen may we now all end up facing wild because they may go different. Directions like I said might go to the W. B. O.. Tyson fury and white might cancel each other out facing gene wilder Ortiz. Might get a big opportunity with like a reverse and ended up retiring or something. You never know who ends up making it up this road but The name to pick from or decent even if even if while the took some sort of voluntary defense whenever where he got past all his mandatory he still has to pick from this pool and looks like the top forty is decent. I don't know WHO's Mr Simon Kean Gene in Canada but junior file caches Cheney Frank Sanchez. Tony Yoka Germain Franklin Nathan Gorman Odor. wiling Zhao's house. You Lay all these guys are known. Surrogate Kouzmin Brian Jennings by coli Washington. They're all known so if he if he had to take voluntary defense and pick undo the top fifteen he still has decent names So hopefully this means translates into good fights. I'M GONNA get an open up the phone lines any final thoughts before I do that. This handyman hope. He comes back in better shape ofi he takes it a little bit more theories and hopefully he tries to believe so everybody did. It wasn't a of flu. Glory wasn't just a one hit wonder known fans I'm kind of intrigued to see where what happened with Andy Release career or not even read the next couple of fights from here on Santo because to any yeah man I. I reached out to his dad and You know I'm trying to schedule something and see what we can do Hopefully we can get the more man I think blogs down home. You make that call for the first gus here came across the last night of dark process. Why why are we reward known saying guys for not going out there and really putting on a credible display but I thought about it in in one thing? That's like evidence in this box Always going to be like if you are a draw if you are a sale you can't really get people behind you can Doesn't tell them what kind of opportunity for you. We Saint Paul ks. I'm saying capitalizing on just being popular Adrian Brodie noticing Nike very many of the last couple of years and still are able to get big. Tom Price Vice. Manny Pacquiao Mike Garcia and things. Things like that so When you are drought in the sport of boxing it takes a while before people? People don't believe anymore in for all intents in purposes it seems like the WBZ is GonNa GonNa Kinda make. Andy not make Andy like they're they're the namesake an invading my dad get any a little push to see if he really is That a credible opponent for the BBC champion. Whoever whoever that might be catch you gotta think down a row event you come back? He bliss out three or four guys including Kornacki non-south Luis Ortiz. He has has to be like back in the conversation for maybe a possible title shot in been under heynen being with the WBZ Is is a lot easier to make that fight with Dante wilder or a yet with the water when it's all said and done so I really feel like Andy can't come back from like can't come back and have a successful career next year but it's all about how much he won't it in. If you wasn't focused with a six million dollars in your pocket how can you be focused with nine to Lebanon Dalia pocket. So that's the big story line for me is what any of WBZ's is going is going to be able to become back in really be a threat and there's a division division like the state is on the rise is on the camera guy different guys ranked highly unsaid. Lada hungry guys in the WBZ ranking so One thousand dollars going to be eh a sometimes it might turn out to be a war like this division might turn out to be motherfucking sue spectacular and a couple years. San With Josh was in the wilders the Dylan wising theories in the Philip Grover known saying coming up do by making a name for herself. FAA Jog out here. Doing this thing and with a big baby still going to be in the mix saying Ottawa Lean. He's GonNa be in the mix. It's a lot of guys out there. Never Tony Yoka Tony. Yoke is a guy that we don't talk about that much but he is eight French heavyweight. He's trained by Hunter and my sorry to interrupt. But we have our I. I guess contender in the heavyweight. Division two-time title-challenger helling from Texas. Eric Molina coming an awful loss to Philip. Herb Vich out in Saudi Arabia. Eric Man. Good Morning First and foremost thank you for taking the time out to give us an opportunity to interview coming off of you know despite her Gingrich and just getting back into town to man so credits. Are you giving even the boxing fans and opportunity to hear from. You just wanted to talk to you. See How your time was in Saudi and how are you feeling. What's your mindset like coming offer this loss because you know I WANNA go ahead and be the first to say that I I felt pretty good man. You landed a lot of right hands since obviously there was some things you did that. I didn't agree with but You look better than normal. Well I sounds good morning. Thanks for having me guys Man You know what I I try to think back to the fight myself and Saudi Arabia Arabia was was was was great. You know when you first when you first learned not them show you gotta I say the same thing everybody else I was a little worried little. You know scared of the of the atmosphere what to expect but it was extremely safe and it was extremely welcoming and you know it was nothing like I expected. herbage. He's a big heavyweight ahead. It really seen or heard of him much But I can say that going into the fight. We've had seen some of his past fights and we had seen him be a little a little fowler's Were saw shot to the back of the head and his paths lights. And I WANNA say at one point in time or another in each of his last fight it was an issue so It was something that we weren't concerned about that was addressed before the foot before the fight. But no he's I mean he's a Shar heavyweight He's a he you know. I looked at it defense and and the things that I thought I was going to be able to make my way too but You know it's different when you get in there and you haven't in front of you and and he's definitely got some great size on him. He's athletic and and You you know I I feel that. He's he's definitely going to be forced to reckon with in the future heavyweight division. Now you had a full eight weeks and on the press conference you felt like you know there was no way that Eddie would have given you that in boom. He gave it to you so everything went well in preparation ration- for this fight. Well I mean it was a Nassar is like there's a lot of you think man that that I i. I'm not gonNA vein because it's it's really never been ideal situation for me You can give me a week's that's fine. Nfo always in good shape I wasn't just shape strong and But I've been I've been out of the ring. Big fights over two years man and and and and when when you're out of the ring for for two years you know I I kinda felt looking back that maybe it would have been a better road to kind of ease my way back into a fight like this but even looking back at it man. I don't got a promoter that's going to try and and moving along the correct way and and it just went along frustrating to us out the ring I reached out to you guys and and spoke to you guys several times Regarding my situation I just also so hungry to get back in the ring and united really care who they called me for but you know it is what it is man and it's it's behind me now and and So you know what what can I do about it. Well I mean you had a lot of success with the right hand and it seems like once you realize that you weren't afraid need to let the shots go and I didn't see you be afraid of his power once you realize you can land the right hand. I seen you obviously turn your back and complain about about buying the head shots but again once I seen that once you've seen you can land the right. You kept throwing that right. Just what went through your mind then. Well I'll tell you what though Mandel was it was. I believe it was the first of the second shot I took behind the head that it was extremely damaging it was it was It was a it wasn't shot that I took that in inside of my thought said I can't take another punch like that when you're inside that re in the fighters know what I'm talking about. You take good shot and you sit. I can't get hit with that. There's something like that again. I want to get hit with again because if I get hit with a punch like that would be really hurting. I WanNa get hit with that again. I got that theme after I believe it was the second second shot behind the head. It was very damaging to it was and and it wasn't so much that I didn't WanNa take another shot like that. I thought that I couldn't take another shot like that even if I if I wasn't afraid to so it was something that was a concern in my head I was bugged and and and I was even more with that concern and there was a time where I just said you know what I'm GonNa Throw and I'm GonNa go but the best way I could I told you guys is I go versus a shot fighter. And he's a big president Sir but I can tell you in this not just in my fight you can look at all. His fights makes makes him even stronger is that he does punches like that. He does puns like that. You can look at every single fight on his youtube There's ten professional advice on their complained about it passed by New Mexico so but it is what it is. I if if they if only five and he's doing stuff like that Gretchen him. It's GonNa make him a harder fighter to beat and I wanted I wanted to do I just wanted to ask. Do you think thank you did enough because.

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