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Chief of staff. Mary Considine Fisher house foundation with a pinpoint review. Well, one of the things that's very important to us as an organization is to be good stewards of all of the donations every single dollar that's entrusted to the foundation. We know that when someone gifts they wanted to go towards the purpose of helping military families. So even though we are nonprofit, we try to run this your house foundation like a business and make sure that those dollars are going towards the programs that people will no no will make a difference in lies. We are very proud with the charity watchdog groups charity, navigator charity watch to have plus ratings. We have fourteen consecutive years of four stars. With charity navigator, and that means that when you look at our financial, we are putting the money towards the need and not towards savings or future or towards administrative and fundraising costs and Dr Evan Rennes associate chief of staff, south, Texas, veterans healthcare system, jumps back in to sum it up as I think about all of being many organizations that exist our country to provide support for our wounded warriors and their families after injury and illness. I can't think of any other realization has proven itself more effective time and time again accomplishing its mission is the Fisher house as a fairly straightforward mission to provide the home away from home for the fans in time to service members who have been injured in the service to their country and. There is no doubt that the Fisher house foundation. And you innovation accomplishes that mission each and every day to the highest possible standard. Because it was good medicine. Thank you for supporting Fisher house Fisher house. You're listening to home away from home. The Fisher house story brought to you by fisherhouse dot org with your host Mary. Walter from Washington DC. But active duty wounded are only a portion of those Fisher house has an impact on. There's also our veterans service members like Todd small, Lindbergh, retired.

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