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Sorry about that. Tomorrow will be my next show all right, so We were at the an apology I'm not going to say this. Right the Traeger, nor you state Barbecue Championships. I don't even know what it is a headline I'd say I try and say it all the time so I know. Yeah, it was up in Ogden. Yeah, we have it every year. Except for last year. It was a little bit. It wasn't as cool. It wasn't a KCBS last year, but yeah, it's one of the more popular ones here in Utah. We got a lot of. The same thing, but it wasn't. Eighteen job. Okay, so they didn't bother getting sanctioning for that, but. Then you have four times. The amount of team show up a year later were thirty two teams there. We were everyone's begging for a man. We have people out of California people out of boy I aho. Wyoming Arizona you name it? Yeah, notables, their smoke ain't no joke, which happens to be your co host Anthony Luhan Burnin and Luton. Was There Luton booty? was there sterling? Smith backdraft barbecue. was there one of the legends in competition? Barbecue I don't know if you knew this or not rusty, because your little green here to the competition but John Nil, Gis of parrot heads, smokers I think John is currently one four, hundred, eighty, seven thousand grand championships, so this was a pretty stacked field when you say. It was man. You pull up. Ahead there and. Barbecue Heroes Lie Christy Vanover from girls can grill and. Jerry and Sterling, and Gosh, man I was scared to death, pulling in there I was just cook and see how it goes, but we we're. You know we're good friends. All those guys and it's cool to hang album, so it's good to see him, so we don't get them very often especially now so. What I found interesting is that you had a nice run up to the contest via the latest podcast episode where you Anthony Basically lay out your entire process for leading up to a competition basically a week long event. Yeah it's really hard, and this one was harder because I was doing the answer. Larry's on basically anything because I can't help myself and so I. Do you know desert and we're doing steak and we're doing kcbs in the for me. It's and get everything ready for it. We start Sunday night. We start you know taking the barrels down a mop, and that's a process because there's like three of them and we cook on them all the time, so they're all greased up and. It takes a minute, so get that going the way tremor. Early sometimes, we term a month before, but this time we didn't so we'll take, and we don't want to go and have this huge huge like meat. Party you now, so we'd like to. Break it up. So Monday will do chicken and pork, and then Tuesday will do brisket and ribs, and then Wednesday were packing up everything and Thursday cleaning, everything and packing everything in and getting ready to go, so all we have to do is Friday morning. Walk out to the truck and bounce, and so that's quite a process, so yeah, it's about a week long and this one was every bit of a week long to get ready for it was just. Just right up the road, so imagine if we had to go to Wyoming which we often do or Colorado, which often do or Arizona which we often do. It's a little bit more than that. So yeah man, the barbecue. You're going to have to put some work in for sure rusty monster joining me here on the show talking about the big win this past weekend in Utah, you think talking it out with Anthony in that last episode helped additionally or You have a program you work at did matter if you guys were talking about it or not. It didn't matter if we talked about it because. For me, we have it all. Dial out, you know we have everything written down, so we have checklist days. We plan it out ahead of time like right now. We have a competition in August, fifteenth and Cab Utah, which is going to be a fun one because I love that frigging city. If you've never been, you should go. and we're already planning out how we're GONNA. Spend that I. You know the tweaks leading up to it were already planning on doing brisket now and. So, we lay it all out. And then we just execute the plan and then deleted the same with competitions. Man Whom we're in there we have. We had dialed into the minute sell. We have very similar program getting ready for it like I said. We're getting ready already for what a month and a half two months from now, so yeah, it's it's a it's how we do it. I know a lot of people don't do it like that, but it was cool to talk it out, too because Things you forget, but then. I think it helps a lot. Because when I first started, we didn't do anything like that and felt like we were forgetting stuff and we were not ready. You know and not mentally ready, and that really hurts your competition. You know it's people think that you know you can call this a sport or whatever you WanNa. Call it, but if you're not mentally prepared for it, you're not GonNa win a competition. It's a mental game, and so it helps talking it out especially in the podcast since we haven't done it so long. It was certain that it was therapeutic in a way. You know just to kind of okay walk through it. Okay Okay and just get in that mindset, and that's what that podcast it from me, anyway, hopefully everyone out there learn something from a to because I could have used that podcast a couple years back, so let's quickly recap the coke rusty. We don't need to get into the.

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