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And yes it did the little circle proper Drake joined blackrock defenseman Calvin de Haan for the launch of the limited edition collaboration beer wow the barn the the goose island taproom this Saturday's Blackhawks take on the Panthers hello Barton lawyer will be available this March at the taproom with all proceeds benefiting the Chicago Blackhawks foundation more information slash barn it was more of a possibility thank thank purple the from the right circle Crawford not too wide with a butterfly save future off again now along the right side boards Hedman Hyslop longer shot wide of the net Johnson left record over the stick of any court under the sick of the hawks only model the left one sided twenty five seconds left the lightning power play had been the centerpiece senator Gordon a little long right point through the who dropped out of court top of the right circle back to Gujarat actually the fires from the right circle turned out of there by Crawford the butterfly say all the park five seconds left the lightning power play with some of the third we are tied into this is Clark played by Corey there should have been consistent decision my head with this before I thought the penalty was expiring with only five seconds to go we just want to settle things down there you see below for the equipment will give them a.

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