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Bit further down like randall cunningham was on this yard and then there was bobby brister yeah but there was that spot where they thought like at pittsburgh he was going to be the guy remember like used the starter and will you look back now of course you get a laugh now i think of the time here of note now pittsburgh with lost a dead up do they have after that i camera but there was a while they thought it was going to be all right let's go to lenny up in hampton new hampshire when a europe with johnston of linear on 985 the sports i gotta linda thank you could take great liquor or no more mind regarding a reagan bell care and the people who go being radio that's what they're out of nowhere or walking to work with north korea are are quite aren't we debated last year if italy windy either super bowl or failure while wu they will growing i murray okay the here i don't think he wants retiree who enemy white because what built in we will you go at culture one will i time who won't when he he was able to recruit in an iq and prepare the apathy and then people forget what you've done in the ancient era and hurdle what enable who he now people are all you want bully were luck eight eight ain't your they know they have a real chance at winning a the only thing i think would stop doktor would be out i think is one pete healthy and vehicle or eight rich old bridge in the colony i mean really forget about you know in the free agent era even like just across across all sports all time periods like there are very few you don't even comparisons that you could make to a team that has had the run of successes this team has had over i mean it's it's we're talking sixteen seventeen years now like you know just forgetting about the free agent era and the salary cap at all.

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