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Rochester Police Captain Frump owe Morino had to say cannot tell you exactly how many individuals were firing at this point in time, But we believe there is atleast 3 to 4 people that were in possession of handguns and were firing at the party. It was a big house party with more than 100 people, but it's started. As an invitation on Ly Party but ballooned into a huge event when people from other nearby neighborhood parties just showed up unannounced. At least eight are dead now, and it's all linked to a wedding reception, which was held in northern Maine, the latest death a man in his eighties, the wedding and reception in Millinocket in early August. Traced to more than 270 covert cases, leading to an outbreak at a nursing home in Madison Mean where seven people died. The wedding also tied to a covert outbreak at the York County Jail here in Massachusetts Corona virus cases on the rise. 569 new cases in numbers revealed yesterday. And those numbers are up compared to what we saw a couple weeks ago. But when you look at the seven day overall average, we're still in good shape under 1% at 10.8%. It is 907 tow Wall Street now to business with Bloomberg Gun makers are seeing record sales as the Corona virus, pandemic protests and the presidential election create an environment of uncertainty. It is impossible for us to get new, far arms. Now. Phil Howarth is owner of the Goose Hammock chain of gun shops, he says. People are mostly buying small, easy to carry handguns, and he's seeing more women buying than ever. Concern custom is how to get a far on licence quickly placed it there backed up incredibly trying to process for a firearm background checks compiled by the F B. I jumped to a record in June after surging since March. The boob is lifting the shares of gunmakers Smith and Wesson and stir Brugger after four mostly lead years for investors. I'm an moss to Bloomberg Business on W. B. C. Boston's news radio coming up at 9 15 political battle lines drawn over President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, who will be the first to know Who will be will be.

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