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Support for dot net rocks is brought to you by conversational ui from progress teller in kendall ui conversational ui i our chat bought framework agnostic user interface controls and components that enable dot net and java scrip developers to create modern conversational chat but experiences in their web mobile and desktop applications the industry's first package set of user interface components built specifically for chat bots are available as part of teller x espy net ajax as peanut nbc as peanut core windfarms wpf zaman products in kendall ui for j query angular view react php and jsp libraries by implementing key you i design features such as calendars date pickers list views and others that are included in the tool sets developers will be able to improve chat bought conversation through visual elements for more information visit teller dot com slash conversational dash ui amera back it's done iraq's carlin richard talking to jerome and francois's we're talking about you know and just this idea of starting from you p because if if you were doing this four years ago that's like right at the beginning of u w p it's gone through huge convulsions exactly and what's interesting at at this point of time is that when we're looking at a drive to create something that was it would allow us to to reuse you i we there wasn't these at this point meal just a run calls busing which is just a plain ios and android you wind kit or wind dilemma api's of a relatable at that time and there was civilized and it was just it what it was called the was windows on april one at that time so it was just just right before you wb and it's still made sense at that time because you'll civilized and you'll be pf were very similar in there there's there's huge face of civilized developers are off there did they're still have after stealing those apps that are on there still angry at there's definitely still angering when we get that so so it was at that time so we try chose between you developing something that was.

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