Colorado, C. E., Quincy discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Number eight or number seven eight or nine guys you know he'll never die thirty seven on Colorado's morning news let's check some traffic now and see if things are shaping up at all yeah they're good morning John good morning able yeah it is definitely a floppy drive that's for sure trying to get past the gap project coming up from monument you gotta crashed or about twenty five near upper lake gulch road all the toll road this morning big backups between smoke healing Parker road you got a crash south west bound on that C. E. for seventy Dr you also got a crash near Quincy on that was bouncy for seventy drive to deal with a look so get a stall downtown join spotted south and I twenty five after I seventy thirty eight Park Avenue very blocky to center lane eastbound I. seventy still jammed a baller back to what's worth because of a crash approaching federal this morning your westbound boulder turnpike Dr heavy and slow through a hundred for church trench all the way up into boulder two eighty seven is still awful between north west parkway and Broomfield getting on to the boulder turnpike and all about Park Road Lincoln extra slick this morning causing all sorts of problems there's also a stall in cherry creek dam wrote on the west side over toward the the tech center sure creek high school area that's got you back up halfway across the cherry creek dam road almost back into a roar this report is sponsored by Shutterfly dot com Shutterfly do more with your photos and bring your memories to life in just a few simple clicks on Shutterfly dot com you can transform your memories into one of a kind keepsakes and gifts for photo books to wall art celebrate the moments that matter most to Shutterfly dot com next update ten minutes on KO eight eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM shopping for insurance can be time consuming that's why when it comes to your auto and home insurance needs make things simple and trust the experts at all state help you get the coverage that fits your needs will help you bundle your auto and home.

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