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You didn't win you came in second and that was two thousand eight and now it is two thousand eighteen and this is your first big starring role in a feature film i wonder over those ten years of course you were doing work in that period but with over moment you wanted to give up no i love it for too much i don't really believe in going oh i haven't got my big break like i just want to experience something and you can dream about it all expect nothing and enjoy this is that's kind of my life macho with my work and actually only really want is to continue to learn and and try and be challenged and grow on put out of my comfort zone and i suppose if you're if you're so focused on trying to make your big break you're missing out on so many other things that might open completely different doors that will enrich you in so many other ways so yeah i don't really know this is a small budget independent film in which you give the kind of performance that makes people ask is she going to star in the next x men or transformers movie well don't you want to i haven't heard that no one i think they'll be getting me into catsuit i'll be a wonderful woman but i won't be i wonder i mean it does seem like a springboard role to something and i wonder what that something would be if you could choose i don't think it's excellent i i really just want to continue i love people and i love characters and mike like normal people in inspired me all the time and i suppose i want to do is is to continue to tell stories about people in the most human and vulnerable and raw and provoking way possible so i don't know if x men would offer that i like to play kind of the girls that eat worms kind of characters jessie buckley it's been wonderful talking to you thanks so much it's been lovely that was jessie buckley of the new movie beast it's out now.

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