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And welcome to the MM QB NFL podcast on Gary bramley. And I'm Connor rohrer. In Connor, we are starting with this packers eagle Sunday Night game. Where I feel like the least interesting development was the final score and the fact that the packers held off or excuse me the eagles out of the packers. And there's just so much more to talk about with the near and long-term future of the Green Bay Packers. Jordan love came in Gary and was spicy. And I think the best throw that he made was incomplete, but he threw an absolute back shoulder rocket to Aaron Jones that went right through his hands. He was almost perfect in this game and obviously very small sample size. But against a pretty good defense borderline, great defense. And you're sitting there thinking, man, what would have happened if Aaron Rodgers was healthy all season? And are these assembled weapons actually kind of good? Is this team actually okay? I don't know, Gary. I'm more confused than when I started the day than no, I'm more confused now at the end of the day than when I was at the start. And that's saying a lot. There you go. Look, the weapons are coming together nicely. Christian Watson and another long touchdown in this one. The grain of salt you take with Jordan love is you say, okay, well, this is a team that, you know, and you will see that didn't prepare for him. It's also an eagle scene that lost Chauncey Gardner Johnson in the middle of this game, read blankenship, who I liked as a prospect, but no one liked enough to actually draft him out of middle Tennessee. And going in there and playing. So you have some shorthanded secondary. You can't throw a whole lot at Jordan love. Now, I would say the other side of this argument that I'm having with myself is when Jordan love got his loan start last year, you're on the road in Kansas City, the chiefs know you're getting the start, they're prepared for you and see spagnolo just, you know, he can throw a million different things at you to confuse a young quarterback. And that was an extremely tall order at that point for that packer scene, but look, he went out there, he felt loose. I mean, like you said, that cover two hole shot to Aaron Jones that should have been caught. That was a really impressive throw. His ball placement was a little bit off, but not drastically off. Like I thought he was, it was fine. The one that he threw, I think it was a little bit behind lazard in the middle of the field. I thought, I thought it was. He was not leading Allen lazard into his impending death by putting it in front of him. Nice safe throwing window. He utilized it. There were also a couple plays where he moved around in the pocket, and if you're not in that sort of clock saving mode, you could take off and he probably could have run for, you know, ten, 12 yards and a couple of these plays here. Yeah, boy, we'll get to some of these scenarios later, but trade him to the Broncos, man. Or something. Let's save them. Let's help them out. Who we got going on down there, but seriously, I don't know how I'm not interested in the packers moving forward this season. Unless we see an extended period of Jordan love, because I think it makes all the sense in the world. Rogers, there's the report today, which is one of my favorite things in NFL media, Gary, which I believe all these guys, but it's always the report that the injury is much worse than you realized. And it's like a time honored tradition now. It comes in the end of November beginning in December, X injury that important player is dealing with is way worse than you can imagine. So he's got the thumb injury now. He's got the rib injury. Just sit you're out. You're out of the playoffs. You're done. Give Jordan love the month of December to make this complicated or to boost his trade value because you're not getting rid of Aaron Rodgers at this point. He basically owns the team. And so I don't know, do something for yourself here, you know? I mean, I would imagine that would come from like Rogers camp, you know, the thumb injury. He actually he's been playing without a thumb for like three weeks. They've just been CGI. On the broadcast here, as they did. I think this kind of gives him an opportunity to kind of be like, you know what? I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna play out the string for a team that again, they're four and 8 now. They're not mathematically eliminated, but this is, you know, and yeah, I mean, they could get to 9 and 8, sure. Like, they're a good team, but I don't know if it really makes sense to try and make this run at this point. Because and we've talked about it a couple of times this year. We expected maybe a bit of not quite as rocky a road as it's been for the packers offense. But, you know, it wasn't going to be what it was with the Monte Adams last year. We thought the defense would be pretty good. The defense is not very good. They have injury issues of their own, but man, Kenny Clark, who is maybe my favorite defensive line in the NFL. He got kind of manhandled tonight. The linebackers without divinity Campbell, they just quay walker is going to be a fine player. He was not up to the task tonight. It was, what are the final numbers here? 7000 rushing yards for the game. No, 360 three, and you always kind of, when you look at the eagles rushing numbers, you have to keep in mind some of these are Jalen hurts scrambles, which kind of inflate things. But a lot of these were not Jalen hurt scrambles. So you were just dudes running through tackles again and again and again. Yeah, they thought that the final, the field goal drive was one of the more commanding when they basically put the game out of reach. That was one of the more commanding drives where it just felt very automatic to me and whether it was Jalen or whether it was Boston Scott or whoever they're going to throw in there. When they have a day where they're groovin and man, they gotta keep Kelsey and all these guys. They have to stay healthy. But if they have, if they have a game where they're grooving, it's over. And I don't know how you stop that. I think offensive line play is so rhythm based because it's really 5 guys moving as one unit and some games you're gonna have great games, some games you're not, but holy smokes. If you could get that kind of push, I mean, that's a Super Bowl caliber team right there. Yeah. And look, another turnover in this game, but just it's just a total fluke turnover. It's AJ Brown trying to make something on a third and long, and ends up losing a fumble. You know, again, they were not gonna go plus two every game from here on out, but that turnover luck has turned against them, and it really hasn't really has an affected them. All that much. Yeah. Yeah, that's great. I'm excited. Gary, we got some packers drama. We have the eagles flying. And we got a really great show. That's what we do. We had exciting games, we had some really defensive, the prideful day for defense across the NFL, I would say. And also just some very sad and quarterbacking that we can kind of point and laugh at. When the world gets in the way of your music, try the new Bose quiet comfort earbuds too. Next gen earbuds uniquely tuned to the shape of your ears. They use exclusive Bose technology that personalizes the audio performance to fit you. Delivering the world's best noise cancellation and powerfully immersive sound. So you can hear and feel every detail of the music you love. Bose quiet comfort earbuds two.

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