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The latest traffic and weather together highways in good shape at this hour. If you do see a problem give us a call four two one six three nine seven. Now the latest forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center, we moving your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of IV sedation. Learn more at no fear his dot com. Fatty skies today. Chances snow showers this afternoon, we'll see highs in the mid thirties. Snow showers likely tonight one to two inches possible by morning, you're low dropping down to Twenty-eight still some lingering snow showers tomorrow morning change over to rain for the afternoon as the temperature rises to a high of forty one eight is twenty four degrees right now. Five members of Cincinnati city council set to appear in court today where they are expected to admit guilt and texting scandal that will cost taxpayers one hundred thousand dollars. A settlement agreement was reached between the city and those who filed a lawsuit alleging the so-called gang of five violated Ohio open meetings law by texting each other about public business back in two thousand eighteen most notably discussing the termination of Ben city manager, Harry black still waiting for some more details from police, but a woman is now in custody for stealing a forest park. Police cruiser overnight leading officers on a chase before crashing in Dearborn county, Indiana. Meanwhile, nearly two dozen. Children are recovering from injuries suffered in a school bus crash in Dearborn county yesterday. Sheriff's deputies say the south Dearborn school bus was travelling along route three fifty and Aurora when it rear ended a rump key truck, despite the horrific wreckage most students suffered only cuts and bruises one boy did suffer a broken leg. And only two people remain hospitalized. The investigation into the crash is still ongoing fighting internet attacks on minors. Ted Sandman, the father of nNcholas salmon testified yesterday before he Kentucky Senate committee on a Bill that would make doc seeing a crime Bill passes eight is three days. Congratulations, Senator shorter Kentucky Senator, Dan. Sam Senate Bill to forty which is an anti toxin legislation is now headed for the Kentucky house. What sparked discussion of the Bill we're Covington Catholic high school students at the center of controversy student Nick mine's father, Ted Sanmen testifies before the Senate, he attack on Nick. Shove shown how far out of control social media has become the Bill would make it a crime to publicly share a miner's personal information in a harassing intimidating or threatening manner. Troy Adams whose radio seven hundred wwl WBZ, News.

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