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We'll squeeze it a little baseball as lead you to what's happening here. Cubbies and the brewers with the the central the dodgers three and eighteen t over the weekend against the giants were bad. But that rivalry should at least spark a little interest on the giants to try to ruin the dodgers season. A couple of things still not determined Yanks in the as Yankees are on the cusp of wrap it up that one game playoff in the Bronx. So it's a great sports weekend. Ryder cup. Very good in the morning at not good in the afternoon. Brandel Chamblee is gonna join us coming up at four twenty eastern one hour from now and Jason lockenfora next segment. Teak I know couple of things I want to ask Jay number one is Miami for real early hot seats. What am I favored topics get into that on the show Latvian on bell? Eric read in even Jameis Winston fence. If he's got any Intel there bianca's, apparently they've come to a conclusion about what's going to happen. Telling us, well, they have to. I mean, how do you? You can't just a competitive disadvantage. Sure. You gotta hold that. But even of cutter wasn't sure about what he wanted to do if he and listen it's going to be Winston. And James it's going to be Fitzpatrick. Wargame? But even if he was married at his mind like, you know, what even though fits flash three straight games. Four hundred yards, blah, blah, blah. We won a couple of games, maybe games, quote, unquote. We weren't supposed to win. Even if you wanted to go back to Jameis Winston. Wouldn't you then have to give him after missing twenty eight days of practice almost every snap? And during the week. Yeah. But but so they play this week on a short week. Yeah. 'cause they played Monday. But then they have their by week. And so that's where that's where James catches up. You know what I mean? So it's it's it makes sense that fits is going to play this week again. That's not confirmed. That's just what you and I believe in it. And if they're going to go back to James. Yeah. It'll be after their bye week that sensible, but what if fits light it up? And that's that's why it's terminent. It's an intriguing stuff rather not committing data thing it goes out throws a four hundred sixty yard. And and they get a win another three and one on the season, you're going to Janai you can't especially against that. Chicago defense in Chicago. We'll make our picks a little later against the spread. Obviously, Tiki interior six pack of picks Tiki covered off a three and three week. I was four up in down so fraud. As a great shows your challenge for Friday is making sure we get everything in and making sure that we we don't miss anything. And I gotta be honest the challenge shit. I mean, Stanford Notre Dame tomorrow night buckeyes Penn State. It's it's great sports weekend. Read gets the phone. See what's happening Zach on what kind of gained you really enjoy. I thought last night was just sloppy man. Big twelve I know on the guy who's complained in a thousand yards ninety ninety thousand points almost but I need some defensive stops here. Zach is in New York and Zach is on Tiki and Tierney CBS sports radio what up Zac. Brendan how you guys doing. Thanks for having me, pleasure, man. This game last night was up. I I'm Brendon honest. I think you know, it shows more of a lacklustre of the Rams defense that they spend all this money on the defensive guys in players and that none of them came up with night. Even though they won the game. Well, I think if part of it is is health, right? Because it keep to leave is out. So they're they're forced into their second level defensively. Marcus Peters played even though he clearly was compromise. He could see it. They're d- line Plato came and they had five SAM's. They got after the quarterback when it was especially when it was most important, but you also can't forget Minnesota has has as good of an offense as any team in in the NFL. I we we we don't think about Kurt cousins is being a guy who can make all those. He made every throw be D. Right. They were over. And when they had the zone coverage is with the with the flat defender, it's right over top of the flat. Cranberry throwing right. Between the safety. I mean those throws are hard to make. He made them regularly last night the play calling as well. John D Lippo. I think learned from his his mistakes from previous week in in buffalo where they threw the ball fifty five times and ran it. I think six and two of those runs with the quarterback. So there was more balance. They do need to get more out of their out of out of dalvin cook. And they're run game. And Minnesota I think that will be making better. But to sit here and say, Minnesota's offense is not good with with Daggs and feeling some talent. I didn't say a word about their offense defense. Well, their defense is disappointing. It's supposed to be the best in football. It's various points. Very disappointing. And I it's it's funny because I look at it. And I am and we talk about Everson Griffen. And the fact that he is their their their leader. You know, it's not even a question about him being a leader of this team. He issued a he put a post out immune apologizing for not being available. But that's one of those things you you forgive right? He's got some bigger bigger than football right now. But you would think that one guy somebody steps up fills the void? Even if it's, you know, seventy percent fifty percent of the void, and it, and it feels better they get there. They got roasted they were mismatched on almost every single play BT. And you saw it and it was frustrating. I'm sure but it's it's early part of the season. You hope they figure it out. But watching these last couple of weeks with the Minnesota Vikings defense, it doesn't look like they have anything figured out right now, it's getting rich Detroit. Michigan riches on Tiki and Tierney CBS sports radio. What do you got for buddy? Take it away. Which? Alcorn? I wanted to agree with agree with BT any earlier point. It's not a contrarian point. These leaks are need to realize that there are people out here who do not like games where the scores. I just ran up arbitrarily I can remember before different every other game scenario there was about five years ago. I saw NFL game. And the score was something like forty five to forty one. And the game was horrible. It was complete. We just people running. I mean, breakaway plays everywhere. There was Zillow defense penalty flags and turnovers and everybody was going on like, wow. That was one of the greatest games you obscene. It was like one of the first games of the year. So it was it was actually terrible. Because of the score in the touchdowns in the highlighting. There were to be clearing at one of the greatest all time and. I remember games. We used to have damp fowl, San Diego. Marino. Mayenne is. Right. You did that every once in a while? Yes. Good game. Yeah. When it's not a good game. A random scored is not equal gay too much. Rich, Richard, Richard. What may take? I liked it. Because I know these two offenses are explosive and exciting. I don't know who can stop them right unless they stop themselves last week with the Buffalo Bills in the Minnesota Vikings it with the turnovers they stopped themselves. There's too much talent on them on their team to to have a six point output. This is more of what you would have expected regardless of where they're playing from the Minnesota Vikings and from the Los Angeles Rams. Oh, I enjoyed it. I know what you're talking about. If you get this every week it becomes, but we do becomes we do the chief score thirty eight with their eyes shot, again, eighty points, total don't, but that these are these are the elite offense is in the national football, you exp-. They have talent everywhere. People are discounting how good athlete how good of athletes are play wide receiver running back and tight in the National Football League right now. And it is it is greater than it's ever been. I'm not discounting that they need to set the rules a little bit. So so somewhat fair for defense. It's not a can't it's so think about a running back, and I've said this for a couple of years. It's finally starting to come to fruition when you have a running back that can do everything right? He can catch the ball the backfield he can line up as a wide receiver. He can run between the tackles. He can run to the edges as a defensive coordinator. When you see eleven personnel. One running back one tight end or even ten personnel. A one running back and forth a wide receivers run onto the field. You're like what do I need to substitute or donating keep linebacker him? Because Todd or in this case Todd Gurley they can just turn around and hand them the ball. If we if I put in five hundred percent a hundred percent, and and he's going to run through because he's two hundred and thirty five pounds. He's going to run through that be right? But if I don't substitute, and I leave two linebackers Giga run by a Cooper cups going to run a crossing rally turn up the field and beyond Anthony Barr. Get run by. So it was a coordinator you have you can't guess, right? That's why you need the rules to help you a little bit more. Maybe come back that go back to what what was it? Checking in. No, no. You don't want to regress to that point. He comes on watch. I'm telling you the evolution of the running back. Right. It's making these offenses impossible to defend because a defensive coordinator can't be right? He because if you substitute you're getting the two hundred and thirty pounds saquon Barkley Todd Gurley lay bell running it down your throat, you know, for eight yards of pop or if you keep the linebacker in there because you need the bigger bodies to stop the run that running back that linebackers me running down the field with his numbers facing the quarterback like oh crap. Yup. Right now like last night. Is a coordinated. You're stuck in a thousand is a product of the athletes that are playing running back wide receiver entitled right now. It took a couple of years for a coordinators, and it took some really smart coordinators to do this. Right. Sean Payton, Sean, Sean McVay Shanahan if he had the tallied us. Having the talent we did it with the falcons he did. But he doesn't have the talent Cisco. But it's you see these guys starting to say, dude. I can I can I can game the system right now. And they're doing it. And that's why you're getting games like this. And that's why I enjoy it. Okay. All listen. I think that. I don't know that this would solve everything. But I know that you know, just for me. It's really frustrating to sit there on a Sunday right bounce around all these games and feels amplified when it's on Sunday stand alone game. Yeah. Sometimes it's a well officiated game sometimes as poorly, and that's obviously going to be essential theme on on all of our shows. But when you watch eight nine games over the course of a Sunday were actually more things kind of blend in and and and you get a good feel for the league and the tendencies and the direction. It's a narrative that over arches the whole thing that usually inaccurate. And one thing that drives me nuts. Right is because you're right. The mismatch you right? I hear you girl as going to pave if you like the box, you gonna shove it down your throat. If you throw the extra linebacker out there to stop the run, you gotta get gashed on the shallow crossing the routes. He's gonna turn up field and a slot. Guys. Gotta run by every linebacker. I hear you philosophically thousand percent, right. But my problem is I can't sit there and watch games. And when you actually have a good defensive stand because once you get to the fit five and a half yards, you grit. You grab a guy's waste like that. You gotta stretch it back to six or seven yards. Yeah. You've gotta give the defensive players in extra yard to bump guys off their route to reroute to your point, otherwise we arena football. We said this many times there's there are no rules that benefit the defense zero none eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. Let's get the update for MAC, Jason lockenfora, usual Friday spot. We'll talk to him about all the league issues. Injuries. And everything wanna hit.

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