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All of football the resources where where they are geographically <hes> the the recruiting bed that they can they can reach north south east and west and yet every year we have to say is texas xs bet they're underachieving if they are the mecca of college football. How can you possibly justify just one national championship championship since one thousand nine hundred seventy fifty years guys and by the way they need to just think about owning their own rivalry oklahoma for instance in that same time time frame four national championships so if they're the mecca of college football. They got some serious work to do when it comes to bring home a national championship. I unfortunately too got a little too literally big. It's a huge state takes two days to drive for that. Let's go to u._s._c. now. They hire graham harrell as the offensive coordinator andrei underrated moved to the air raid u._s._c. Adopting the air raid is what i guess desperate when you go oh five and seven and your jobs on the line and you clay held and you're going to try just about anything you can to win. Football games you've recruited to a certain system is to each and every year for the last four years. It's supposed to be quarterback you <hes> they might like it. The quarterbacks for certain we'll like a great it's mind blowing to me to think that the that i grew up with and early two thousand carson and liner reggie and all these incredible players. They were a pro style multiple style off with a quarterback under center n._f._l. Running back long wide receivers on the outside multiple tight ends on the field depending on what the down and distance was just like the fact that they have adopted. The system of today is insane to me so i'll be curious to see how it works out. Clearly is a a <hes> a desperation move for clay. They help make sure that they get this thing back on track finished ninth in the pac twelve and scoring offense so you got to do something and they are certainly doing something right speaking of adopting texas this a._m. The unity council has adopted a policy that the team will stay off of all social media for the duration of fall camp yep andrei no social media for the rest of all cap. That is what give me a word smart. I love it. I absolutely love it because because there's going to see is going to force guys to focus on the job at hand out working through camp. You're not there no distractions whatsoever you just you're just focusing on football and learning the offense and defense and then putting everything you have into what needs to be accomplished for the twenty nine thousand nine uh-huh no social media t the twenty two the only thing i've ever known as social media can't pick up the phone and talk to one of my friends or one of my teammates at the tweet at emerson a direct message. There's no way that this is going to be something that these guys can wrap their head around then again. It is smart and i appreciate it knowing that a that they have an expectation of what they're trying to focus in on during the fall camp but my reaction initially of jimbo fisher were to present if i may ten point to how do we talk to people people how do i what does this interacting you speak of by the way clemson also off limits for the entire season and it seems to worked for them last <hes> eight or so years. They've been doing that for the last three national championship all right next one. This is the one hundred fiftieth season of college football andre the one hundred under fiftieth season of of be is what give me a word rippling writing it now as we speak exciting about that exciting exciting a lot of excitement in this season in college football two hundred fiftieth year. I think there's gonna be a lotta great football. <hes> football games played this year and a lot of tradition built on. What's already been established this. This'll be fun year to to kinda see what's in store exciting. It always is going chaki interpreted as all right. What's this season look like. Are they going to be some surprises. I don't see any guys. I it feels like the usual. Usual suspects are going to be in the running for another national championship..

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