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In southern colorado in the san luis valley where there were all kinds of reports of strange light strange things in the sky missing animals and bloodlessly mutilated animals now it's twenty eighteen and just a few months ago at the end of twenty seventeen there was a meeting in the san luis valley of southern colorado by a group of held by the san luis valley cattlemen's association and they held a meeting in lahara south of alum to quote deal with the growing disappearance of large amounts of livestock in and around the san luis valley and northern new mexico close close story well this is it's been going on periodically there but this is a new lound and they have now they summarize that the total loss in missing livestock cases that were officially reported there's who knows how many missing livestock go unreported because as one person in the meetings said quote it's embarrassing you don't want your neighbor to no you can't find your cattle close grow but this is serious they the current conservative estimate of the loss in the missing animals is two hundred eighty eight thousand sixty dollars and that is a big deal to people who live in southern colorado yeah cattle and horses and sheep and so what is happening and just to give you an idea of how strange this time around these missing animals are in october of twenty seventeen not very long ago i heard a forty nine cavs disappeared from creed ranch north west of del norte and they were reported missing to the colorado state livestock commission and in november forty six cattle disappeared overnight from the double x cattle companies yes on the comers allotment and then in december there were twenty four cattle here sixteen cattle their nineteen cattle they all disappeared now colorado brand commissioner christopher whitney confirmed in an interview with me on march twentieth this year that at least three hundred cattle are missing from the san luis valley ranchers so far no rustler's have been confirmed the mystery is still unsolved and the reason for the late january twenty eight team meeting to talk about all this was concerned that as this summer is a now approaching and.

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