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But it's not that much and thank you for the suggestion news radio one thousand Katie okay this is a Bloomberg money minute warning of broad danger to the economy from the corona virus outbreak sent stocks sharply lower fed chair Jerome Powell said it may take time for recovery to gain momentum and additional government support would be costly but worth it today's pullback sent stocks to a three week low the S. and P. is on track for its worst week since March twentieth the Dow Jones industrial average fell five hundred seventeen the S. and P. five hundred dropped fifty the nasdaq composite tumbled one thirty nine Amazon is ending temporary pay raises given to warehouse workers at the start of the covert nineteen pandemic the two dollar an hour increase has been extended twice but Amazon expects to return workers to their prior wages in June uber may be hungry for an acquisition but it'll need a big appetite by GrubHub Dow Jones reports the companies are discussing a merger that would value GrubHub at about six billion dollars cost savings would help pay for the deal Larry Kaski Bloomberg radio one thousand XXY FM ninety six one Oklahoma City the governor and the legislature at odds over the budget I'm Beth Myers in the news radio one thousand Katie okay new center governor Kevin Stitt late this afternoon veto the seven point seven billion dollar budget bill for next fiscal year that was sent to him by the legislature last week the governor said in his veto message that the budget was created behind closed doors and does not reflect the values of Oklahomans he said it reflects misguided policies that conservative Republicans have spent the past decade reversing now within the hour the state Senate voted to override the veto senator Roger Thompson of okina is chairman of the Senate budget committee they they differ with the governor but the Senate bill nineteen twenty two represents our constituents and the core values of Oklahoma and I encourage a yes vote on this bill and the Senate went on to vote thirty five to eleven to override the governor's veto of the budget bill the state house right now is currently back in session and they too are discussing voting to override the governor's veto for the second time this month the state health department is reporting no covert nineteen deaths in Oklahoma in the past twenty four hours here's Margot marrano state health commissioner Gary **** calls it a hopeful development he says the health department is rapidly expanding its contact tracing efforts to hopefully continue the significant progress the total number of call the nineteen deaths in Oklahoma it remains at two hundred seventy eight there are more than forty eight hundred confirmed positive cases president trump says there is no chance of passing a new coronavirus stimulus package proposed by house Democrats at the White House today the president called the bill DOA dead on arrival Democrats in the house to put forward a three trillion dollar plan that would boost corona virus testing and help states cope with the fallout from the pandemic of former king Fisher county jailer is on the other side of the law thirty one year old Andy Rios of Guthrie has been arrested for allegedly repeatedly raping a female inmate and threatening her daughter SPI spokeswoman Brooke are vitamin tells news four that Rios continued to contact the victim even after she was released from jail and that led to a search warrant we seized electronics that.

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