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We're back on the bengals podcast here at the orange black insider. I am anthony. I'm joined by. John sharon john. It sounds like you've been having a good week. You're coming off a good weekend as well. tell us what what what's new man. How you doing nothing much new. What is new. I guess is fantastic. Summertime weather here in. Cincinnati was like seventy two yesterday and took a walk alongside the ohio river. Some more great weather today and at this time. Right before the sunset no blaring noise from They've all gone through seventeen year resting spot. So i'll see them in twenty thirty eight but things are good here cincy. How how're things nella. It's all right man Got some not so welcome news about my my arm. Injury this morning so Just kinda trying to keep my head up on that one but otherwise it's all right man can't complain overall just just grin and bear in you. Know what. I mean so We you know i know. This is not necessarily the The busiest time in terms of headlines in terms of news because of angles cut out of practice. A couple of days. Early and you. They're taking a little time off. We are not really doing that but they're still kind of a lot to talk about. We're going to go through a couple of headlines that we didn't necessarily cover on the water cooler chat as well as give some further opinions on definitely wanna hear john's take on some of these things we are going to be talking about the tight end group tonight. We're going to continue our positional previews and then we've got a state your case talking about the wide receiver group in the. That'll that'll be this week's show. Hopefully you caught last week show with lindsay patterson. That was a ton of fun. She was great We we had a lot of fun there and You know we're. We're doing a lot of fun things. I guess John did as have tee higgins mom on the show on their show This this week. Last wednesday i think that was announced on twitter earlier. This week i it might be happening as we speak Know for a fact what their schedule is. But yeah. I think i think that is in the works. Or it's in the works right now and they previously had chris evans Definitely check that out. If you guys haven't orange is the new black. One of our three podcasts. Here on this podcast network and get that. Wherever you get your show on your favorite audio stream and of course you can subscribe to this youtube channel by clicking that icon. Right under john's right around his microphone the way his His cameras positioned right now. But let's let's let's get started with some of these headlines. We'll talk about it look. I'm not a fan of. I said this on the water cooler chat. I'm not really a fan of arbitrary lists in how that comes about but there were a couple of rankings. Lists that came out. Especially as it pertains to the quarterbacks especially as it pertains to joe burrow i guess. Do you want to start with the negative. One i sean or the the more positive one. How do we want to start off the show kind of no. Do we want to start the show off with let's start with the quote unquote negative seals perspective. Here from certain analyst okay. So let's we'll get that pulled up here in just a sec. This has to do with chris. simms. Chris simms was was in the league for a while. was largely a backup. Actually kind of a fire remember correctly. A couple of crazy injuries. But now works for nbc. Sports does a lot of stuff with pro. Football talk has his own podcast nationally. Syndicated podcast. And i'll share this here. John this is This was written on cincy jungle by jason markham but basically according to his rankings. He has joe burrow ranked seventeenth. Now there are times sims kinda likes to do the little bit of the shock value thing with with some of his rankings and sometimes that shock value is actually something that makes a little bit of sense and other times. It's just kind of stirring the pot to stir the pot. It would seem where what do you make of this one. Where we're joe burrow's ranked seventeenth. Nfl quarterbacks coming into this year. Low for starters chris. Simms is the king of quarterback rankings. Remember he was on the dan lebatardshow a few years ago. And they made the whole thing about you know who's fifteenth-ranked quarterback controversy about arrogance or even carson wentz overtaking. Tom brady inside the top three. So i know. For a fact that chris simms pours is heart and soul into these rankings. And it's done entirely by his own accord to his work so i'm not questioning the legitimacy of it I think joe burrow. I think at at this point. Seventeen out of forty total quarterbacks in these rankings. Not bad by any means he only played in ten games. We haven't seen a full season out of them. A lot of the things that we like you showed it for the most part is rick season. But we haven't seen it over the course of a sixteen and now going forward to seventeen game season and you definitely didn't have his best games against some of the best competition particularly against the ravens and against the steelers on the road there like there are some sore spots in his early in small. Nfl resume but there are definitely things so far so from a national analysts do. His whole job is to go over every single. Nfl quarterback who has a chance to play. Start this year. i think seventeen is about fair ranking. I don't think you know much lower than that without having some type of indebted against them but you know i wonder what a detroit lions podcast is thinking about this list. When they're seeing jared goff thirty first behind mack jones who may or may not even start doing so. I'm definitely a lot worse for bengals. Fans joe burrow again. A lot of things about him stole a lot of projection. Because you're going off the quarterback that he was at lsu you've only seen ten games have been in the bengals uniform obviously the trajectory is going upwards and there's a lot of promise there but win exactly save to throw this list in the trash because of that i agree with you on that point specifically The the number seventeen ranking. It's not absolutely outrageous especially with a ten game sample size. He's coming back from injury. All that kind of stuff. I get it. Here's where you lose me. And i'm going to highlight this a little bit..

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