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On the newest episode of Nocturne Kcr W's podcast about the night when Sally lost her brother to suicide, A friend advised her to be open to the possibility that he would try to visit her from beyond. And as I'm staring across the room, the light on the bathroom went from completely off to completely on. And I'm the only one in the room. And I got this overwhelming sense of presence. That's on the latest Nocturne wherever you listen to podcasts. Live from NPR NEWS. I'm Janine Herbst. President Trump is blaming Democrats for the financial woes of the U. S post office while defending his postmaster General Lewis to joy. He's a very smart man. He'll be a great postmaster general. And he needs obviously, if you're going to do these millions of balance out of nowhere, he's going obviously need funding what the Democrats aren't willing to provide other things, and therefore they're not going to get the funding for that. Funding for the post office is part of the Corona virus relief package that is stalled because of significant disagreements between congressional Democrats and the White House on a range of issues, including money for the states and the size of the package. Trump's remarks, made from his golf club in New Jersey today, coincide with recent cutbacks at the Postal Service during what is expected to be an avalanche of mail in voting in the upcoming election. Changes in postal operations have already led to male delays across the country, raising alarms about what will happen in November. President Trump has been railing against mail in voting, even though he has voted by mail for years and has requested a mail in ballot for November's elections. Two. And while vice president Mike Pants is in West Virginia today, where earlier he touted the Trump administration's efforts to reopen the economy and schools, NPR's Dave Mystic has more. Vince comes to West Virginia, A day after Governor Jim Justice announced a color coded system to guide school re openings. State officials have set a September 8 target date to get students back in the classroom, and we're absolute determined apartment with you. So we bring West Virginia all the way back back to work back to school and come to that day that we can We can put the Corona virus in the past tense, was also scheduled to take part in an RNC fundraiser for Trump at a resort owned by governor Justices. Family Justice said earlier this week. He didn't think the fundraiser would break guidelines He's imposed that limits. Crowds to 25 people are fewer. Save Mystic NPR news. Smoke from multiple wildfires is hanging over Southern California skies today, and it's being.

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