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The i know that you did come up and stand side. And and he was really the first one to do it. But i think that was quite good steam race. You know. I might use free old a lot lot race for year olds in it. They want a good pace of to finish in. Spate was quite good. is always a good sign and cam was well. Supported in the market wasn't a coach. The big token do shandon going. Did he that the hot favourite lost. I think both front shoes or front show and didn't end up lining up so if you're on the favorite that was a bit of a disappointment but tash came second favorite and he did do the business quite well Some is not. The runner-up travel beautifully. I traveled like the best hopes in the rice. Ortho and i just felt like he got bogged down in the in the rarely testing ground. The mall preska. He's really improving young style and he'll be very very good on better ground again. Possibly one for one of the steam races glorious goodwood summa's night for the prescott. It's definitely foam to be positive about that. Mall and six handicapped one by tashkent. Yes small horse used to be trained by emmett. Mullins now with brian ellison maybe the melrose over two miles could be next for him but soft ground. I think is crucial to wherever he goes next. I don't think many handled the ground in the old newton cup won by a lunatic. The winner certainly did formally trained in germany so he was used to these conditions the first win for andrew balding he still went off a mock up a hundred two. They affair efim fair. He moves through the race in knock. But much like you. I don't think it's rock solid form. I think plenty add viable excuses. Mainly the ground. Longside cider hated. It absolutely detested that soft ground. They will even a real big print heidel as always do it. Seems heidel have a meeting when it doesn't ryan Alongside it was just went out early in the strike. Hated the ground women much on quick conditions. Now i on tests. Don't don't look too much into that. Uh fencing for the ibo if he runs the personally dot jed. I took plenty of money as well. Weaves morning gamble about ms racing Didn't produce brilliant light loss to show you probably escobar went to to foster early in those testing conditions. Take absolutely nothing wife me knock. I mean he won pretty close in the end achieved in all of one hundred. Fifteen is joint career-best along with his second in the hardwick lost year. I went back in to confirm the phone with someone is in behind the if the ground. Gob it quicker. So i'd be looking at that race. And in fact the almost six handicap earlier on the car which g roads says it was a good rice. I think it was good rights too. But i will buy. Johnson is hated the ground condo asami and harlem soul and i wouldn't be surprised if they bounced back in typical mark johnson fashion. Next time out. I perhaps that could be flurries could would attract that trainer. Xl latte traditionally now the to racist that we talked about some witching. Them was the lancashire bikes one by alpinist. Tom you very keen had beforehand and she sort does what she says on. The ten doesn't choose a strong staff. And you know you're going to get some money with her. She's building a really nice profile precisely that she was eclipsed down on fulham unofficial writings. Aecom believe he was eleven to four th allows extremely generous. obviously she have slight ground Doubts because she'd never run on anything that testing would have a good form came on good to firm good ground. She always runs. Rice custom. rousing has another purpose. they're on a hands as she always seems to And i think the lily lanktree probably going to be the ideal spot for our police given. She's already won it good with this year. When she wasn't hundred fit in behind lady hayes ran a screamer at huge finish second. She's very unexposed. She represents veronese israeli golfer. double figure process. Let line whoever She was twenty two to one or something They were asking to go to the us. A connections are arina has been run over in the states I'm most surprised that said joe's boat in barron decided to stick to the uk racist given. How one soft ground. And she won't get anything like that in the states but also really nice rice lady hayes. I wouldn't be giving up on her bow police to was to stand up. Beforehand proved in the rice. Yeah they mentioned the sanctuary as in yorkshire access possible next target so must admit when i saw this race and saw the prideaux royal heir the wolmar six race Along shop will be a perfect fit for this philly particularly given. She's now shirt. She handle soft ground. Look wonderful tonight won the race last year. I've been looking at something like that for her down the line if she proves up to it at wrote anything to add on this this progressive great vinny. She was very very tough guy martha in this race because she was raised up with the pace and the the from free in the market with some of those were cutting out the pace. And i just thought they would go in a good enough pice. Mystery angel was founded. I think was up there as well and She really kept home when the others flounded. Strike so i think she may be a little bit extra credit for that. It's hard to gauge. With the times when it gets louder hideout because coast the ground cots up so is the grand cuts up. It's quite difficult to even write races in comparison with the previous ones. Because if you're on the fresher ground tend to rumba times. But i think she's a good philly opening easter. It was almost a really good life in some prescott. Wasn't it because he did have some is not finished second. But we'll say indeed now. Let's get some notebook. Horses aren't gonna guy i i'm gonna sneak in at because all really caught my eye limerick on sunday masic ground now trained by joseph. Brian formerly raced in the middle east. But i urge you to log on to racing poston out. This horse win in three. Twenty at limerick has a site super impressive and unimagined. He'll be winning decent races before long. Any horses you want to highlight tom. Well managed to catch many of the racism. Aside achy apart from the ones that we've covered Pity because i was driving and to the scott sheet as in west london on friday there were a couple of policies. The interesting little sunny listed in that seven villanova choices signed on was really impressive for charlie house. One by five and a half Five and a half lengths be a useful horse by looks vein. Dukedom who jonathan. He goes to clearly recognize clock. Good given the money at thoughts into fought six favorite owned by the crane asana as well so i thought sonny liston was really impressive. Don't give up on dukedom. Eva wasn't given the best. Ride by frankie and haydock. No don cost us. Sorry must shala in the one mouthful novus event. I was at kempton last time. I put my shower up as my lead. Three point tip tip me in the pipe. He was even money. And i was thinking crossed. I want to be putting up at. It's on show actually went off at once a full which was bit embarrassing at the end. He nearly lost a god of ready. Made a bit of a pig's ear of this although he has one you'd expense by straight when he came out at don't cost on. Friday improves that he's patient host. He bolted up at one. Awful long trip helped him wrote barrens another useful middle distance prospects. Another son of franco. He's having a great season as asya. I won't be given up on michelle for grade. F agreed breaks. It's our that's my. Us us influence grew. Grace's moving forward..

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