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Bird, our market vision is 2020. So let's talk about the pain trade. I am shocked by the moves that we're seeing in the rates market. The inflation debate continues. Bloomberg radio, the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com. Broadcasting 24 hours a day at Bloomberg dot com and the Bloomberg business app. This is Bloomberg radio. Now a global news update. President Biden wants Congress to prevent a nationwide rail strike in a White House letter released Monday night Biden said he wants Congress to pass legislation that would ratify a previous tentative agreement between rail workers and operators. The victims of last week's Walmart shooting in Virginia are being remembered with a candlelight vigil to the families and friends. We grieve with you, and we pray that our lord's peace will comfort you. Governor Glenn youngkin spoke at Monday's event in Chesapeake saying the act of senseless violence fills the community's hearts with unspeakable sadness, shock and anger. He also named an honored each of the 6 victims who were killed. Several others were wounded in the shooting carried out by a store employee. Harvey Weinstein is not taking the stand at his sex crimes trial in Los Angeles, where he's charged with 7 counts of rape and sexual assault. His lawyers presented his case Monday telling the judge Weinstein would not take the stand in his own defense. The disgraced Hollywood producer is on trial for sex crimes involving four women, including the wife of California governor Gavin Newsom. She testified to being raped in a hotel room in 2005. A top Federal Reserve official says interest rates may stay at a high level for quite a while. Lisa Taylor has more. Speaking to MarketWatch, St. Louis fed president James bullard said he believes rates need to be above 5% in order to control inflation. He added rates should stay there into 2024. The fed has one more opportunity to raise interest rates this year, top Central Bank leaders will meet on December 13th and 14th. The House committee investigating last year's capital riot is reportedly questioning former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, NBC News reports she appeared in person for a deposition before the committee on Capitol Hill. She was reportedly accompanied by attorney Emmet flood who also represents former vice president Mike Pence and others. I'm Brian shook. The two people rescued from a small plane that crashed into power lines in Maryland are being identified. Kristen Marx has more. Maryland state police say pilot Patrick Merkel of Washington D.C. and passenger Janet Williams from the New Orleans area who are both in their 60s were in the single engine plane that crashed into a power line tower yesterday near Montgomery county air park. Montgomery county police chief Scott Goldstein. Both

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