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Okay so if you're new to the suck this is where listeners update the timesuck merely with changes to previous stories corrections to mistakes i may or it is right in unsure how much to suck may mean to them quick pronunciation update from a few suckers britain's reading vessels i said we're navonna headlined its pronounce prononcer reading festival ready not reading like it's spelled local names don't sound like the the fucking words there clearly spelled like if if defeated me yet again well thanks to a british listener graham at g h a m o x fourteen on twitter forgive me local scoop led me now to reading festival also a slender men trial update from a couple of sets back coal warren white mullins few few other time soccer's road and let me know that in this we're fifteen you know one of the two girls who stabbed their friend wisconsin to appease the online monster noticed lender man when all three girls were twelve had just played guilty to attempted seconddegree homicide as a party to a crime with use of a deadly weapon to avoid a charge of attempted firstdegree intentional homicide unless it can be sentenced up to ten years in prison for this charge or be out by 2020 if a jury determined she's incapable of being guilty discharged by reason of mental disease or defect now i'm really curious as to what the jury's is this case because a you know if she did infact truly truly believe that she had to kill someone to a piece lender man and he keeps undermined from killing her family she claimed you know then she probably would be much better served in mental health facility for a couple of years in prison for ten or more than ten bo you know but what i what i brought up still being discussed by the mainstream media when i brought up initial upset and that's what she didn't want to stab some girl to a piece slender man to save her family she wanted to sabah grow so she could join slender man and been active part of his murderous crew.

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