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Kerry automotive dot com and each C. oncology metrology care Cincinnati archdiocese communications director Mike Schafer says the church's leaders are aghast about the behavior of a priest who is charged with felony rape who had a history of quote creepy behavior prior to an alleged victim coming forward earlier this month it's it's just embarrassing and and can't happen again and then came forward after hearing that father Jeff drew was being transferred to Saint Ignatius yesterday on the bill Cunningham show Schaefer said exhilarating bishop bins are used to be in charge of assigning priests in the church leaders above bins did not know about accusations of jurors inappropriate behavior rape charges against father drew go back thirty years he's pleading not guilty a social media video posted by Lakota west high school students got him in a lot of trouble the principal dismissed a student from the football team and will impose other discipline on the boys says who used a quote vulgar and unacceptable language towards a female student the other students involved including those who stood by and failed to intervene during the filming of that video the principal says will also face serious consequences the principal says the video was created by and featured freshman football players the students met yesterday with the administrators from Lakota west high school a member of the Covington Human Rights Commission was arrested earlier this week on child porn charges thirty eight year old Karen Christiansen faces to federal charges for allegedly possessing and distributing sexual material involving minors you've been appointed to the Covington Human Rights Commission in twenty sixteen reappointed in twenty eighteen the city spokesman Dan Hastert says the board is discussing his possible remove your.

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