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I I want to go first one being the three goals that were awesome before the goals. Okay. Where do you want to learn the I ten minutes? If you watch those first ten minutes you understand pep Guardiola the way that that team came out, and they were fillet in the tackles for Dina was ready to fuck someone up. Everybody had quality. They were ready to go. They were like viewer not better than us than you think you are right now and pep put it in the way pep talk to them before that game, I would pay ungodly amounts of money than said net locker it was to a t the best one of the best motivational jobs. I think I've ever seen. You don't need a lot to players up for games like that. But for some reason they came out and pep was like we're gonna play at them, and you are better than them, and they came out, and they knew that it was incredible to watch those first early tackles guys flying around. It was incredible. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. And to me that is why pep is who he is get them going like that Ferndale set the set the toes that he came out, and he three s people thrown his hip into people throwing his head into a huge is like, I'm just hit some. But I need to hit somebody and he has some class to when they play the balls in from the back. They pepper them it. He had grads got some class. We let's go to the bonus the goals. Okay. So the goals number one three so three goals. All quality guero had the first one. You can you can base. I was DeJean live on was DeJean love run in this. He did give you know. You're blaming Lovran. A lot of Liverpool fans were yes, absolutely Twitter. I got all sorts of tweets about people bagging unloving. He he did give him. He basically didn't. He didn't attack him and he gave he gave a guero like a foot space, and that's all he needs. I mean, that's literally all needs. Then he only had about a six inch window to shoot to shoot at above Kepler's, right shoulder. Be right there. It's not kept that Alison this fucking Chelsea's in my head. For me for me, the big one. And if you wanna go back and watch it after this or wherever you are on your phone Bernardo Silva's touched to take the ball down on his chest. When that ball gets sent back out. He takes the ball down with a delicate like it was like it was honestly just a class touch brings it down in derives around drives around drives around gets the edge plays the ball in goal. Like that for me that Bernardo Silva touch was on a number level of class. And that's the kind of stuff that you buy. That's the kind of that's the kind of touch. You can only spend to get. They spent quite a bit. But the. City spends. Well, I mean, I I could watch that all day in manure SEL doesn't get a lot of talk. You know, he doesn't get a lot of credit because David Silva's there that he gets a lot of credit. Kevin o'brien. Is there a lot of credit sterling? I mean, you can go through for India. We've at least he sort of that underground guy that that people, you know, who watch soccer, and no soccer sort of understand these real class Gardasil guy that doesn't get taught. Well, because he also doesn't get a lot of time..

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