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Smiley Nagel covering the Biden campaign with with him in Wilmington, Delaware, Our political director here at ABC News recline. There could not be a wider gap between the two candidate messages today. No, I mean, this was the choice that Americans had on Tuesday on, and it's the choice that that delivered. Ah, still uncertain verdict and I think listening to this and debunking so many pieces of what the president said, and calling out is frankly outrageous. The statement from any candidate, much less the president. Runs a bit of a danger of missing the point that first of all, Donald Trump can still win the presidency. He has a path to it, even if he doesn't some 70 million people voted for him on and not in despite necessarily or that they didn't know that this was a possibility. This kind of behavior is a possibility they have known who he is. He has shown the American people who he is over and over again, and on this particular point, he's made clear that he intended to question the validity of any election that he didn't end out on top has been saying that From the beginning of his presidency. And I think that's an important thing to realize that it's not just a question of Joe Biden offering a different vision of leadership, because, of course he is. It's that it's that Donald Trump's vision of what it means to lead and what's acceptable behavior and speech on the part of a president has been extremely clear for years and has appealed to about half the country according to the way the votes are shaking out, Rick, Let me pull Steve Roberts The ABC news political analyst into the conversation. His supporters have known that this kind of grievance is at the core of his political messaging. No, exactly. I mean, when what you heard tonight was pure, unadulterated Donald Trump, and it's been at the core of his success. His message has been To so many Americans now for four years. It's us against them. It's you against the elite. It's really people against those snobs in Hollywood and Silicon Valley and Wall Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Palo Alto, California It's the really Americans against the phone, ese. It's this is the way he has conducted his entire presidency, and his entire political strategy has been to divide, not unite. And his entire strategy was to maximize the sense of grievance, the sense of being discarded the sense of being looked down upon. By the power establishments, the swamp. And to maximize their their grievance and to maximize their motivation and one of the reasons why the election was so close. And why the pollsters got it so wrong was that Trump has had a very well financed and very well organized. Effort over years now to create a database that records every one of those people, and that's one of the reasons why he was so competitive because the message was so powerful. And following through with this organization was so efficient, daring ABC news political analyst Steve Roberts indeed..

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