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Who got fired anybody get fired i would imagine somebody got fired um let's see while celebrating the giants super bowl twenty one victory with president reagan at the white house linebacker harry carson empty gatorade tub of popcorn over the gipper said the don't popcorn on raegan should have dumped jelly beans on him he would have been fine with that uh and and finally because we want to get to our dummies the wonder years family guy and undercover boss all premiered immediately after the super bowl what's on it for the super bowl this year is any is there a show it's the big this is us reveal how the how the dad died uh o how love of of veto video camera note why my blank in on his name under under gilmore girls of gist of just what's what the hell was his name on gilmore jess jerk not good enough for for rory jess none of them are good enough for you know that logan jerk he's on net new show where he's a where he's a doctor he's a jerk is logan bunch of jerk dayton date and rory nobody's good enough for my rory eric dill i can't believe she's like in her thirties now lexus bodo cheese so good chief fantastic i'm dr handmaid's tale so good will there are some facts you guys are going to sound so smart now at it as morale i know you judge it all down i saw you taken short and oh yeah all right i will now be big dummy you know you big two in here it is time for you don't uh leave here.

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