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The one thing that I'm looking at though is there's three guys that need to get paid big dollars. We mentioned that Prescott Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott razor three guys who need to get paid. But the two guys who are free agents at the end of this year, our deck in Amaury, if I don't get the number that I want and if I'm their agents, we want to get the top dollar for our player because we also want to reset the market. What if both of those guys decide to reject their offers and force the Cowboys hand into having to franchise. One because you franchise one. You can't franchise the other. You put Amari Cooper on the market right now. He's getting top dollar as a playmaker. You put deck Prescott on the market right now. How many teams in the NFL right now would not pay him would pay him? Thirty million dollars say we've got our position locked up. We don't have to worry about next year's draft class. We've got a proven winner. We put a run game around him a couple of play makers a good defense that team went to the playoffs. Two of his first three years. That's what the Cowboys are right now in for. I know people may not want to hear that. But you gotta pay hardball ball little bit. Because teams do it now players need to as well. All right. A couple of things off this. How many teams do you think would be in the market for Prescott? Wow. Going into next season. I would say, wow, it really the way. This thing has to play out. You got a couple teams could the Oakland Raiders be one of those teams of Derek Carr. Doesn't play. Will you look at a team? Like, the Detroit Lions, maybe they move off of Matthew Stafford you know, what? I mean think about this an Atty. Cincinnati the so you've got a quarterback and still in its infancy stages in the National Football League that after this year, I've got a proven commodity would a ton of upside..

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