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For the public sector. Learn more a TD cenx dot com that's TD syn X dot com. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, bob imler and the traffic center. On 66 eastbound in centerville, there is a crash. It is between the manassas rest area and route 29 in Centreville. All traffic stopped initially, I believe there started to get some traffic by single file to the left on eastbound 66 between the rest area and manassas and 29 Centreville. On 66 westbound there is roadwork tonight before you get the glee road single right lane gets by and you get by to the right getting out to route 50 from one 23 with the ramp to route 50 west is closed on westbound 66 and outer loop beltway ramp to go west on 66 is also closed on 95 southbound. You've got the works on in woodbridge again tonight from one 23 to principal your Parkway single left link gets by. But now on three 95, a southbound very slow coming down from seminary road toward landmark getting the duke street single left lane is getting past the works on again tonight and interleukin from route 7 past the works on after dulles toll road single left lane is getting by there. And in Maryland, interleukin beltway through college park headed pass through one single right lane is getting by the road work and southbound 95 the ramp to the inner loop has been closed as a result of that works on. You have to get on to the park and ride to get from 95 south onto the inner loop of the beltway. Things are running pretty well on 50 getting out to the bay bridge, 95 BW Parkway at two 70 for the most part, each running without delay. Bob in the WTO traffic and we're going 7 news first alert chief meteorologist Veronica Johnson. What a comfortable evening. And so much different than this morning with The Rain that was moving through the area will have temperatures this evening in the

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