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A few storms today in the tri state headed for a high of 73. It's 66 degrees right now News the service of Mexico Plumbing Boone County sheriff asking for help this morning trying to find a missing teenager, a 13 year old boy. Reported missing from Pembroke Drive and Union about what I am. They're searching the woods near his home, where he was last seen running off into boys. Five to weighs. £90 has black hair, hazel eyes. He was last seen wearing blue T shirt with dinosaurs on man's dead after a shooting this morning in over the Rhine. The victim was found near Grant Park on east Mick Mick in but police haven't released any other information yet. The shooting happened near where 11 people were shot last summer. Grant Park has a long history of violence in over the right. Former campaign manager for Congressman Steve Chabot is set to plead guilty today to charges that he took over a million dollars from the congressman's campaign fund. Jamie Schwartz will be in federal court later this morning, admitting his role in this scheme. Part of the plea deal has been paying back. Almost $1.5 million. Congressman Chabot says he had no idea sports was embezzling the cash alive, Senator Sherrod Brown says This is his closest we've ever been to being able to get money for a new bridge on 75 to connect Cincinnati Incoming Jim Brown tells wlwt a billion dollars of the infrastructure bill before Congress would go towards the new bridge construction. Eliminating traffic congestions on the Brent Spence Bridge. Republicans and Democrats continue to work on a compromise version of the measure, but they're still far apart. Republicans are proposing just a fraction of what the president wants. He is asking for $1.7 Trillion. The new Republican counterproposal is $928 billion, but just $250 billion of that is new spending specifically for roads, bridges and public works. The president wants to go well beyond that. Fun things like clean energy and improved childcare facilities and to pay for he wants to raise taxes on the most wealthy. That's a no go for Republicans who want to use unspent covert.

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